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October 9, 2020

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It is a busy time for new supplier news of electronic hardware components, starting with the announcement of memory from Attopsemi and a new graphics controller from Excamera Labs. The graphics processor features a Bridgetek BT815 embedded video engine (EVE) graphics controller with 32-bit internal color precision.

Meanwhile, Exair has a new four-outlet selectable power supply to power devices such as the new brushless DC motor from Portescap. The integration of the driver inside this motor reduces many of the complexities associated with the operation of the motor, cuts down the Installation time, lowers the overall application footprint, minimizes the clutter of wirings, and offers cost optimization benefits.

DATA MODUL has new industrial-grade video displays to keep customers informed of devices' status in 10.4" XGA, 10.6" WXGA, 12.1" XGA, and 12.1" WXGA sizes.

See details on these devices and more by clicking through the slideshow.

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