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Power Transmission

Power Transmission


CSDJ Series of fully digital ac servo drives runs directly off of 240V ac single-phase supplies. The units, which are rated up to 1 kW, can be used in position (step and direction input), torque, and speed (plus speed with torque limiting) modes. Auto tuning is said to ensure easy commissioning.

Smartdrive Ltd., Enter 614


Pulse width modulated ADS servo-amplifiers are available in a standard version for motors from 10 to 250W, and in a power version for motors from 80 to 500W. These servo-amplifiers control the operation of fast-reacting motors and reportedly keep pre-determined shaft speeds exceptionally stable. Both designs are said to achieve an efficiency rating of up to 95%.

Maxon Motor UK Ltd, Enter 615

Brake motors

M3000 brake motors reportedly offer increased braking torque, reduced maintenance requirements, and lower noise levels. The brakes have an increased disk area in combination with a stiffer connection to the motor shaft through a polyamide hub. They are used in applications such as passenger and goods lifts, cranes, cable cars, and machine tools and conveyors.

ABB, Enter 616


Gearless, self-contained, two-speed clutch/pulley assemblies, in combination with a high-performance motor, offer a 20:1 constant power band. The clutches are designed to provide full power across a range of speeds.

ZF Great Britain Ltd., Enter 617

Control system

The XL25i delivers a current of 2.5A and offers four user-selectable motor resolution settings, spanning 400 to 4,000 steps/rev, to simplify control optimization. The IP55-rated motor is a NEMA 23 single-stack unit with terminal box connections. The drive features programmable motor current and automatic current reduction at standby.

Parker Hannifin plc, Enter 618


The RPR range epicyclic planetary gearbox is reportedly used in horizontal-axis wind turbines due to their flexibility of design. The horizontal wind turbines comprise a rotor, which captures the force of the wind, and an energy conservation system, which uses the gearbox in combination with a generator to transform the mechanical power into electricity.

Brevini UK, Enter 619

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