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Power Transmission

Power Transmission

Roller chain

Xceeder Chain locks in lube with high-density felt seals while reportedly locking out dirt and contamination, resulting with a chain that lasts 10 times longer than other lube-free chains. The new chain exceeds ANSI minimum tensile strength requirements, operates in temperatures up to 302F, and may be used in drive and conveyor applications in sizes RS40 to RS100. Requiring no special reconfiguration, the chain works with standard sprockets. U.S. Tsubaki, Inc., Enter 580

Drum motor

Made for high indexing conveyor applications, these drum motor drives are described as the first of their kind to have an internal clutch brake mechanism. Included in the product line are up to 25 starts and stops per minute for the RTM brake and a patented clutch brake for up to 80 starts and stops per minute. Applications include manufacturing and assembly lines, packaging operations, baggage handling, and document/package handling and palletizing. Van der Graaf Inc., Enter 581


The ASET(R) thin profile magnetic resistive ink sensor, intended to measure interfacial stresses in real time, reveals the surface area of contact and displacement of contact area levels. The shunting level is determined by the ratio of starting resistance to final resistance. Applications include checking roll pressure in real time or embedding in smart structures or objects, for uses requiring a ball or ball joint or where a solid or semi-solid object moves in 3D space. Sensor Products Inc., Enter 582


Oriental Motor(R) V Series ac gearmotors, the company's line of induction and reversible motors, comes with or without a magnetic brake. The gearmotor permits a maximum torque of 260 lb-inches with a GV type gearhead, due to rigid gear case construction, use of larger gears, and larger supporting ball bearings. Additionally, the series cut its motor/gearhead meshing noise by about 6 dB in all motor types, resulting in ultra-quiet operation. Oriental Motor USA Corp., Enter 583

Rotary encoder

Tracking over 68 billion pulses with unique binary codes, the Dignalizer optical rotary encoder features 36 bit resolution in a multi-turn configuration, allowing for measurements of 262,144 pulses per revolution over 262,144 revolutions. The encoder, weighing 370g and measuring 58 mm in diameter and 55 mm in depth, offers both cable and radial connector configurations, supporting such bus system outputs as CANopen, SSI, DeviceNet, and Profibus. Encoder reportedly operates in temperature ranges of -20 to 85C, with 50G shock protection and IP 64 sealing. Baumer Electric, Enter 584

Sensor module

IQ Sense(R) sensor module and software, designed for the company's SIMATIC ET200S distributed I/O system, eliminates the need for wiring up to five wire sensors and allows for the remote parameterization of photoelectric sensors over Profibus-DP or DeviceNet industrial networks. Multiple sensors can receive parameter programming systematically replicated, eliminating the need to program individual sensors on a line. Software parameters include output selection, sensitivity, timer function, and hysteresis. Siemens Energy & Automation, Enter 585

Servo drive

The PCE800 series DSP-based brushless servo drives offer 480V ac high power operation, 400 Hz velocity-loop bandwidth, accessible connections from the front of the drive, and easy connectivity to a PLC, industrial PC, or HMI. According to the company, the servo drives have a 40% smaller footprint than similar older drives, suiting them for retrofit applications and installations with minimal space. Drives reportedly achieve position accuracy as low as 5 arc seconds with a 24-bit Digital Resolver to Digital Conversion algorithm. Danaher Motion, Enter 586

Microstepping drive

Providing up to 3.5A of current to the motor and accepting 120V ac direct-online power, the E-AC microstepping drive features resolution up to 50,800 steps/rev, 3-state current control for efficient operation, and four predefined current waveforms for smoothness. The company highlights the drive's small size (2.25 x 4.3 x 1.9 inches) and low cost, adding that it eliminates the need for external power supplies. Parker Compumotor, Enter 587

Shaftless system

The SYNAX200 shaftless system provides high-precision digital singular drives to printing and paper converting machines. Electronic gears reduce the need for mechanical re-tooling, while the elimination of gear backlash and torsional elasticity is intended to improve register accuracy. Integrated tension, register, dancer, winding controllers, and electronic cams avoid the requirement for external electronic controls and auxiliary drives. Bosch Rexroth Corp., Enter 588

Mechanical struts

Raymond(R) Mechanical Struts are designed to resist operating temperatures up to 400F and offer consistent loads over time in such industries as automotive, defense, marine, industrial, medical, nuclear, chemical, and agricultural. Divided into two lines of struts, the standard mechanical struts feature stainless steel shell construction and springs, M6 ends, stroke lengths from 2 to 5 inches, and forces from 17 to 63 lbs.; the high load mechanical struts have stainless steel construction and hi-tensile carbon steel springs, M8 ends, stroke lengths from 1 to 4.6 inches, and forces from 238 to 529 lbs. Associated Spring-Raymond, Enter 589

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