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Power Transmission

Power Transmission

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Servo drive

DR100EE25A20NAC digital servo drive features a 20 kHz digital current loop with higher current loop bandwidth, due to Space Vector Modulation (SVM) switching techniques. Suitable for use with linear motors, servo drive is capable of operating with or without Hall sensors for encoder based sinusoidal commutation of linear servomotors. Digital and analog inputs and outputs, as well as drive protection and error detection, are fully programmable.

Advanced Motion Controls, Enter 599


Enclosed UniModule Clutch/Brake Washdown Series (EUM-W) are corrosion-resistant and completely sealed for use in high-pressure sprayers and caustic materials applications, as in the chemical and food and beverage industries. Made for design flexibility, EUM-W features static torque from 16 lb-ft to 95 lb-ft; three voltages of 6, 24, and 90V; and five frame sizes of NEMA 50 to 215. Series is suitable for machinery with an electric motor requiring a controlled stop.

Warner Electric, Enter 600


This Sine/Cosine Linear Electric Encoder(TM) is designed for non-contacting, durable absolute output for applications such as medical equipment, industrial automation, robotics, machine tools, automotive, office automation, consumer products, and aerospace. Made of a patterned scale and responding read head, the encoder offers power consumption as low as 100 microwatts, immunity to RFI/EMI, less than 10 mum accuracy, and resolution up to 10 nm.

Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd., Enter 601

Lathe control

MANUALplus 4110 is intended for highly automated lathes, such as cycle-controlled lathes with two slides (X and Z axis), one spindle, a driven tool, and a C axis or positioning spindle. An integrated digital servo drive control has a hard disk with NC program capacity and an Ethernet interface to exchange data with other information systems. The control program supports G-code and interactive lathe operation.

Heidenhain, Enter 602


An addition to the company's PowerFlex drive family, the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex(TM) 4 ac drive offers 0.2 to 3.7 kW power ratings and voltage classes of 115, 230, and 480V. Microdrive is suited for ma-chine and control panel installation in fans, pumps, machine tools, con- veyors, and material handling systems. It includes an intuitive keypad, integral RS485 communications for programming and monitoring, and parameters to enable Quick Start.

Rockwell Automation, Enter 603

Brushless dc motors

The TAM58-2E brushless dc motors feature 9-slot stator and 12-pole rotor construction design combination. The motors have an integrated electronic controller and brushless dc motor. Offering three standard motor lengths for high power output, they are suitable for industrial applications like bar code labeling, printing, pumps, valves, automated conveyor systems, machine tools, and agricultural equipment.

Thomson Airpax Mechatronics, Enter 604

Roller screws

SKF(R) planetary roller screws product line include Type SRC (cylindrical nut with axial play), Types TRU/PRU (preloaded cylindrical nut), Type SRF (flanged nut with axial play), and Types TRK/PRK (preloaded flanged nut). Threaded rollers with a planetary timing mechanism are designed for use in high speed applications, such as machine tools or automated handling equipment. Intended to ease hydraulic to electro-mechanical actuation conversions, the roller screws are reportedly shock-resistant and have a long life and high load-carrying ability.

SKF Motion Technologies, Enter 605

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