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Power Transmission

Power Transmission

Lubrication system

The K1 Lubrication System, used for precision ball screws and linear guides, has an oil-impregnated porous olefin seal designed to lubricate the rail or screw while sealing out damaging contaminates. The reportedly long-lasting seal prevents environmental pollution caused by oil, making it suitable for applications such as manufacturing devices in the food, medical equipment, and semiconductor industries.

NSK Corp.,

Enter 602


Size 23 mounting pattern is available for the company's size 17 linear actuators, which replaces the size 23 linear actuators. Motor features a stainless steel acme lead screw, rotor drive nut with thermoplastics, and bearing preload adjustment. Resolutions range from 0.0012 to 0.00192 inch/step, with up to 50 lbs thrust. Applications include medical equipment, semiconductor handling, X-Y tables, valve control, and telecommunication equipment.

Haydon Switch & Instrument,

Enter 603

Precision balls

The precision titanium balls feature lightweight, inert material, with high tensile/compression strength and steel-like expansion properties. Designed with anti-corrosive qualities and made to withstand high temperatures, the titanium balls are available in Type 6AL4V and Type 6AL4V-ELI.

Thomson Industries,

Enter 604


UniSlide(R) Assemblies measure absolute travel distance position using an optical encoder for gauging, testing, and alignment. The encoders are available in resolutions of 0.0005, 0.0001, and 0.000005 inch. Travels range from 1 to 84 inches, with stages in four cross-sectional widths, bearing 300 lbs: 2.5-, 4-, 6-, and 9-inches. RS-232C interface, zero reset button, and inch/metric toggle switch are featured in LED Digital Readout.


Enter 605


The DES 70/10 digital servo-amplifier is intended for brushless motor velocity and torque control. It reportedly maintains torque control and smooth velocity, regardless of speed, due to 50 kHz sinusoidal commutation. The 4-quadrant servo-amplifier uses 24 to 70V dc supply voltage, operating at 10A continuous current or 30 A peak current. Measuring 180 x 26 x 103 mm, it is protected against over-current, over-temperature, and short circuit of motor leads.

Maxon Precision Motors,

Enter 606

Guide wheel

DualVee guide wheels-made of an inner race, outer race, and heat stabilized 440C stainless steel ball bearings-operate at temperatures up to 500F/260C. A pair of 304 stainless steel shields separate the ball tracks, which are kept in place by a 304 stainless steel retainer. Guide wheels have a radial load capacity up to 574 lbs/wheel. According to the company, guide wheels are intended for antifriction guided motion, high temperature capability, and contaminant resistance.


For Information, Enter 607

Motor + driver

MDrive23 integrated motor+driver is available with an Acme screw linear actuator, 200 lbs maximum thrust, and five different screws for travel/full step settings. On-board electronics reduce electrical noise, eliminating the need for motor cabling through the machine. Up to 14 resolution settings are used in the motor and microstepping drive combination.

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.,

Enter 608

Miniature positioners

The 401XR and 402XR miniature linear positioners are available with protective strip seals, high strength recirculating bearing system, precision ground ballscrew, and dowel locating holes. Positioners are used for small payload precision positioning in limited space.

Parker Hannifin,

Enter 609

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