Industrial Cameras with Video Monitoring Software

April 15, 2011

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Industrial Cameras with Video Monitoring Software

Longwatch video surveillance software runs ona standalone PC or can be integrated with most HMI/SCADA platforms used inautomation and process control, including General Electric iFix, WonderwareInTouch, InduSoft WebStudio and Control Microsystems ClearSCADA. The softwarecan view live camera data on their HMI screens, pan and zoom cameras from theHMI, "rewind" archived video data to review historical events, link archivedvideo with historian data and record what operators saw and did during an"event" at their HMI screens.

Longwatch software, including the Console Recorder,Video Management System, Longwatch Viewer, Video Window and the Video Historianhas integrated support of IVC's latest cameras including:

  • MZ-3630-04 - Outdoor manual zoom day/night switchingcolor fixed megapixel IP camera

  • PTZ-3330-11 - Outdoor 26x day/night switching colorPTZ IP camera

  • AMZ-3641-02 - Class I Division 1 3 megapixel colorfixed IP camera

  • APTZ-3141-xx - Class I Division 1 day/night switchingcolor PTZ IP camera (all versions)

  • APTZ-3142-xx - Class I Division 2 day/night switchingcolor PTZ IP camera (all versions)

The combination of Longwatch video monitoringsoftware with IVC's industrial cameras allows IVC are useful in industrialplants for security surveillance, process monitoring, pipeline and well-sitemonitoring and video monitoring of remote sites, such as pumping stations,power transmission lines, offshore platforms, water and wastewater facilitiesand mines.

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