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Toggle clamps

Self-adjusting, spring-loaded

These self-adjusting toggle clamps feature a fixed clamping force and a 0.02-inch clamping range. Spring-loaded, they offer a 100 to 200 lb spring force range. According to the company, the push/pull clamps provide a known clamping force while making up for workpiece variations. Carr Lane Enter 728

Bar knobs

Engineering grade thermoplastic

The #2084 Bar Knobs measure 1 inch across the top and come in sizes ranging from 1.25 to 2.5 inches. Reportedly long lasting and durable, the knobs are made from an engineering grade thermoplastic and have a low gloss satin finish. Other features include threaded brass inserts with a through-hole design and projecting studs. Davies Enter 729

Paint spray hose

Durable, multi-layered

Made to transfer paint and other coating fluids, the paint spray hose may be used with coating materials, such as polyols, solvents, isocyanates, chemicals, and paints. It reportedly withstands static charge and deterioration, remains flexible between -40 and 212F, and provides chemical and abrasion resistance. Designed with a polyurethane protective outer jacket, the hose has a polyester double-braid reinforcement for pressures up to 14,500 psi. New Age Industries Enter 730


Long life, low wear

The Series PB Clamp, available in two sizes with left and right rotations, features a hardened helical spline with three hardened drive balls. Made with a keyed interface between the rod and arm, the clamp has an adjustable rear plug that moves the arm position up to 90 degrees at installation. Anti-backlash arm and guide prevent arm backlash during clamping, and a rod weld cover prevents weld splatter from occurring to the cylinder rod and bearing. PHD Enter 731


Resists heat and humidity

Loctite(R) 4206 is a single-component, low viscosity adhesive offering resistance to humidity, heat, and damp environments. This thermally cyanoacrylate material has strength and aging capabilities at temperatures up to 121C for bonding such materials as metals, plastics, and elastomers. Meeting ISO-10993 biocompatibility, the adhesive has passed hemolysis and cytotoxicity testing. Henkel Loctite Corp., Enter 732

Nylon fasteners

Made for durability

The company's line of nylon fasteners consists of jam nuts, locking nuts, and machine screws for fastening, assembly, and finishing operations. The fasteners include the FTH Series Flat-Head, the HH Series Hex-Head, the BH Series Binder-Head, the FH Series Fillister-Head, the PH Series Pan-Head, and the RH Series Round-Head. The line features 25 parts slotted with five to six thread sizes and lengths ranging from 0.25 to 2 inches. Niagara Plastics Co., Enter 733

Clamping system

Single-source security

The StrongHold(TM) clamping system is engineered to secure hydraulic systems from a single source. Included in the product line are Swing/Pull clamps that hold up to 4,500 lbs; "live roller" swing clamps with increased service life; and a variety of plumbing, mounting, and body style options, such as block body, threaded body, cartridge, and manifold mount. The clamping system consists of such products as edge clamps, retracting clamps, through-hole hydraulic rams, and collet chucks. Enter 734

Electronic latches

Eequipment enclosure protection

The E-LINE electronic latches cover the same space as mechanical latches with conventional keys. A four-digit code, which may be programmed and changed remotely, on the integral keypad enables enclosure access. Networking capability on the electronic latches allows one individual to log every opening operation. DIRAK Enter 735

Cable and hose system

For industrial robots

These umbilicals, or dress packs, are made as flexible and protective polyurethane (PUR) jackets that supply water, air, electricity, vacuum, and communications to a welding or handling robot. The entire system consists of posts, boots, brackets, and umbilical, which reportedly absorbs kinetic energy from robot and welding operations. The PUR shell comes in ten sizes ranging from 35 to 62 mm in diameter, while the umbilical includes hoses, power cables, and control cables. According to the company, the cable and hose system may improve productivity and cause fewer breakdowns in automotive, paint, and industrial assembly applications. LEONI Tailor-Made Cable Enter 736

Electronics enclosure

Indoor/outdoor, all-weather use

Model OD45 customizable, wall-mountable electronics enclosure can be used outdoors, on plant floors, and on manufacturing equipment. With NEMA 4X rating, OD45s are made of 94V-2 polycarbonate, are waterproof and are reportedly ideal for equipment that must be cleaned in place. The enclosure measures 3.5 x 6.7 x 1.8 inches and is meant to replace made-from-scratch water-proof enclosures. Moisture is kept out by a gasket that seals the cover joints. Applications include outdoor security systems, wireless units, access controls, remote flow monitors and displays, pump controls, and automatic door controls. LaFrance Corp., Enter 737

Protective bellows

Durable, custom engineered covers

Engineered, dip-molded protective bellows provide durable covers for multiple component assemblies while sealing out dirt and moisture. These vinyl covers are reportedly built to exact specifications and resist weathering and aging. Dip-molded bellows are available in matte or glossy finishes and many colors, without parting lines. Applications can be engineered in days with CAD help, prototyping, and production assistance available. They include lawn and garden, office furniture, and medical industries. Steere Enterprises, Enter 738

Epoxy system

Good thermal conductivity

EP21AN2-part adhesive system has excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, with dielectric strength greater than 400V/mil and volume resistivity greater than 1,013 ohm-cm. EP21AN cures readily at ambient temperature, faster at higher temperatures and mixes1:1 by weight or volume. Reportedly easy to use and stable, it adheres to many substrates including metal, ceramic, glass, and many plastics, with very low shrinkage after curing. The adhesive is available in .50-pint, pint, qt, gal and 5-gal. containers. Applications include electronics bonding. Master Bond Inc., Enter 739

Snap bushings

Protect wires in large enclosures

Wire management solutions for large and heavy-duty housings are available in a line of snap bushings and dome plugs for applications including motor housings. Channel wiring cables, utility lines, tubing, and hose through 5 or 6-inch bushings and plugs, designed to fit openings in appliances, power tools and machinery, and electronic and HVAC cabinets. The units reportedly offer tight seals and fast installation. Made of high impact 6/6 nylon for use to 125F, products have 94V-2 flammability class. Heyco Products Inc., Enter 740

Laminating adhesives

For membrane switch applications

SWITCHmark(R) White Laminating Adhesives are designed for joining graphic overlays to membrane switches in such applications as household appliances, exercise equipment, and medical and scientific instrumentation. Available in 2 or 4 mil thicknesses, they may be supplied as a double linered system for sheet-form converting or a single linered construction for roll processing. These laminating adhesives, an extension to the company's spacer components line, consist of four products: SWITCHmark White 2-0-0, White 2-0-0 S, White 4-0-0, and White 4-0-0 S. Laminating adhesives are compatible with such UV ink systems as dielectric, decorative, and conductive inks. FLEXcon Company Inc., Enter 741

High-temp epoxy

Low viscosity, low shrinkage

For critical potting and encapsulating applications that need a low-viscosity, no out-gassing epoxy without volatiles or solvents, 4461 is for use to 500F and flows into fine details. Epoxy 4461 is 100% solids and reportedly has low moisture absorption, high bond strength, high temperature stability, low shrinkage, and room temperature curing. Applications include protecting cable end seals, thermocouples, strain gauges, electric heaters, flow meters and glass-lined tanks. 4461 flows easily and is reportedly ideal as a protective coating. Cotronics Corp., Enter 742

Double nut design

Improved ball screw accuracy, rigidity

The UNILOCK double-nut design for the large precision ground ball-screw product line consists of two nuts preloaded and locked together with a high strength epoxy. According to the company, the design eliminates the conventional need for spacers or connecting hardware, resulting in enhanced ball screw accuracy, rigidity, and life. With fewer parts, the design also reportedly eliminates angular errors in the nut assembly. Steinmeyer Enter 743

Miniature circular connectors

Blind mateable, scoop proof

The MICRO-C(TM) Series of miniature circular connectors, made with a metal shell construction, features 4, 7, and 13-pin insert arrangements, with a choice of threaded or J-lock bayonet coupling mechanisms. Offering 400V ac at sea level in operating temperatures of -55 to +125C, the autoclavable, field serviceable connectors have reverse gender capability, with in-line, panel, or box mount receptacles, with ground integrity in mated condition. Applications include the medical, aerospace, geophysical, and sensor industries. Array Connector Corp., Enter 744

UV curing coatings

For flexible, rigid substrates

This line of UV curing dome and decorative coatings is designed to cure in seconds, adhering to metal, plastic, and ink surfaces. Standard dome coatings measure 0.25 x 0.5 inches up to 1 x 8 inches, are scratch resistant, and spring back from dents for soft dome coatings. Water clear coatings come in a hardness range from D 85 to A 70. Available viscosities for decorative coatings reach grades as low as 100 cP, while dome coatings have a grade range of 600 to 6,000 cP. Dymax Corp., Enter 745

Tape sealant

Reduces cost in construction applications

MACtac(R) Technical Products are made up of a line of rubber- and acrylic-based transfer tapes and single- and double-coated tape systems, intended for the construction industry. The pressure sensitive adhesives family includes: GS Series for vibration control, sound dampening, strong mounting, even application, and easy assembly on irregular surfaces; MACfilm(R) free films used in low surface energy bonding and insulated glass unit construction; and Black Grit Safety Tread for creating non-skid surfaces and permanent bonding to a high-strength plastic carrier film. MACtac, Enter 746

Self-locking patch

Environmentally friendly, vibration resistant

True Blue(R) self-locking and self-sealing patch spray-bonds onto fastener threads. Operating at temperatures ranges of -70 to 250F, the patch compresses and produces a counterforce to mating threads, creating metal-to-metal contact and positive resistance to vibration and loosing. Made to prevent fluid leakage around the threads, the patch is non-toxic, compatible with different mating part materials, and resistant to fuel, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and many commercial solvents. Nylok Corp., Enter 747

Printable films

Combines film and paste adhesive features

ABLEFLEX(R) 6200 series printable films, used in flex or laminate based packages, are B-staged before die-attach and cure, and may be pre-applied to substrates or a wafer's backside. Meeting the tight tolerances of 3D packaging, the films feature reportedly good bondline, fillet, and flow, as in a preform film. Like a paste adhesive, films have void-free bondlines without substrate pre-dry, due to surface topography on both laminate and flex. Ablestik Laboratories, Enter 748

Panel fasteners

Flat head style minimizes distortion

The latest addition to the company's line of panel fasteners and hole plugs, these window plugs are designed in clear copolyester material with a flat head style for less distortion. Window plugs feature multiple locks to positively snap in panel thicknesses of sizes from 1/64 to 1/16 inch, and 1/64 to 1/8 inch. Hole diameter sizes of parts offered include 0.187, 0.250, 0.375, 0.437, and 0.500 inch. Micro Plastics Inc., Enter 749

Wire harness tape

Non-flammable, heat reflective

Scapa 250, a high performance aluminum-backed glass cloth tape, provides high temperature resistance for protective harness wrapping and automotive wire harness applications. The tape is single coated with a high temperature silicone adhesive system and reportedly withstands harsh temperatures up to 500F or 250C. Made with hand tearing capability for easy application, it offers high tensile strength, meets Delphi specification ES-M-2283, and is non-flammable. Scapa Automotive, Enter 750

Shielding gaskets

Low contact resistance

Dual elastomer D-sub shielding gaskets feature low compression-set silicone sponge core D-connector shields for grounding and RFI shielding. Made to fit standard 9 through 50 pin layouts, gaskets offer rear or front mount versatility with adhesive assembly strip options. Gaskets have a co-extruded highly conductive outer layer and a resilient inner sponge core with low contact resistance. Vanguard Products Corp., Enter 751

Thrust washers

Low friction coefficient

The line of Teflon(R) thrust washers offers a bearing surface with a low coefficient of friction by matching the inside and outside diameter dimensions of the company's shaft collars. Washers measure 1/16-inch thick and come in sizes from .50-inch ID x 1/8-inch OD to 2-inch ID x 3-inch OD. Chemically inert and non-flammable, Teflon(R) may operate in a temperature range of -450 to 500F. Washers may be used in rotary applications to prevent galling from direct stainless steel to stainless steel contact. Stafford Manufacturing Enter 752

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