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Screw and nut

The screw-and-nut combination includes a precision-rolled stainless steel lead screw and a high-strength self-lubricating polymer nut. Available in lengths up to 12 ft, the screw is offered in both right- and left-hand threads with a variety of leads (including back driving leads), up to three inches per revolution. The screw and nut combination is suitable for motion control and transportation applications.

Kerk Motion Products, Enter 513

Castable liquid

Cable Cast FR is a flame-retardant urethane for encapsulating, insulating, and providing strain relief on electrical cables and connectors. The black non-shrinking castable liquid forms a rigid yet flexible jacket that achieves functional cure in 16 hours at 75F and full cure in 48 hours. The Cable Cast FR is suitable for cable repair in mining and power-distribution.

Devcon, Enter 514

Fastener products

CADDY(R) fasteners include CableCat(TM) J-Hooks with retainers and 3/4, 15/16, 2, and 4-inch diameter loops; CableCat 425 wide-based cable supports that can hold up to 425 four-pair cables; and the CableCat pulley. The Signal Reference grid clip is also available. CADDY fasteners are suitable for raised floor pedestal applications such as installing a ground system or pulling low-voltage cable.

ERICO Inc., Enter 515

Fastening system

The Mobile Fastening System II (MFS II) is a portable fastening and torque/angle auditing assistant that includes a personal computer loaded with fastening software, printer, controllers, four-wheel cart, hangers, and compartments. Fastening system is available in three versions: MFS II A, MFS II B, and MFS II C. Applications include joint analysis and troubleshooting, production line repair, and prototype component building and testing.

SPX Corp., Enter 516

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