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In Brief: Fastening and adhesives

In Brief: Fastening and adhesives

This workstation from Micro-Join Inc. provides a flexible rotary microwelding system for applications in precision seam-sealing. The WS9000 Series combines microwelding capabilities with a rotating wheel and mandrel electrode configuration that creates consistent seam welds in a single pass. Applications include production welding of difficult cylindrical materials, such as cans, battery cells, wire screen mesh filters, braided sleeves, and wire.

Tra-Con's TRA-DUCT 2929 is an electrically conductive adhesive that remains flexible at room temperature. The two-part adhesive is designed for the microelectronics, telecommunications, and packaging and assembly markets, for applications such as flex circuits, smart cards, and bonding heat-sensitive components and substrates. The adhesive develops resilient, electrically and thermally conductive bonds between dissimilar materials such as metals, ceramics, PVC, Melinex, and other plastics.

This workstation from Misonix offers a safe environment for performing applications such as acid etching, heat sealing, soldering, and other jobs that may produce hazardous by-products. The WS-6 Downflow Ductless Work Station draws fumes and vapors down and away from the operator, and includes a powerful low-speed fan, fluorescent lighting, and a removable stainless steel tray. Multiple units can be linked together to form an extended, multi-operator work area.

The 700-series "Dark Amber" translucent barrels from Techcon Systems Inc. offers UV protection for users of UV-curable adhesives. Since the inside is visible, the user can check for contaminating particles, air bubbles and fluid levels. The barrels transmit less than 0.0001% UV light wavelengths of up to 545 nm, virtually identical to black carbon barrels, and they meet industrial pressure tests up to 100 psi.

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