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Break-In Lubricity For Aluminum Pistons

Break-In Lubricity For Aluminum Pistons

The LUMICLAD process forms a non-dimensional black oxide finish on all aluminum surfaces that is clean, durable and tightly adherent to metal substrate. The finish has an inherent lubricity that aids in break-in and resists galling, making it an ideal finishing choice for product assemblies with sliding contacts. Aluminum machine components, such as piston/cylinder assemblies, actuator mechanisms, slides and valve assemblies achieve smoother break-in with a LUMICLAD finish than with conventional anodized finishes.

The LUMICLAD finish offers conductivity and break-in lubricity in a protective black finish. The 30-minute process develops a uniform coating thickness of .000060 inches (1.5 micron) that will not close down hole diameters or change critical part dimensions. The black finish is smooth, clean and electrically conductive, making it useful for assemblies requiring a chassis ground.

The LUMICLAD process delivers a smooth satin black finish with a slightly porous crystal structure that absorbs an optional topcoat, such as clear polymer, light oil or dry-to-touch sealant.

Prior to the development of this new blackening process, black anodizing had been the only viable blackening option for manufacturers of aluminum components. While the anodized finish is extremely durable, the process is so complex that only those who specialize in it can operate it properly and consistently. Though the protective properties of a black anodized finish are high, often they are higher than the application requires and they come at significant additional cost.

The LUMICLAD process utilizes a conventional immersion tank process line. For most applications, a seven-tank line and a 30-minute process time does the job from start to finish.

Break-In Lubricity For Aluminum Pistons_A
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