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Have a Craving for Raspberry Pi?

The popular single-board computer provides a versatile platform for many DIY electronics projects. Here are some of the more popular sites to find project information.

Spencer Chin

October 26, 2023

2 Min Read
Raspberry Pi is a popular single-board computer suited for many DIY electronics projects.Wirestock/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

Raspberry Pi is a versatile single-board computer that can be used for a wide range of projects. As with Arduino, there are numerous sites and resources with tutorials, tips, and project details. Here’s a list of some of the better-known Raspberry Pi project sites.

Raspberry Pi Official Website: Raspberry Pi’s official website offers a wealth of resources, including project ideas, documentation, tutorials, and forums for community support.

GitHub: the tech version control platform is also popular with GitHub Raspberry Pi enthusiasts share their open-source projects and code. GitHub enables engineers to search for Raspberry Pi projects and libraries to find interesting and useful code.

Instructables: Another popular hub for all types of DIY projects, Instructables also has a wealth of step-by-step tutorials on various Raspberry Pi projects. The detailed instructions are accompanies by photos to help users replicate their projects.

Hackster.io:  Hackster.io is a community for hardware and software makers that contains  various Raspberry Pi projects, complete with code and instructions.

Adafruit: Adafruit is an electronics and DIY company that prominently displays tutorials and resources for Raspberry Pi projects on its site. They also offer a wide range of Raspberry Pi-compatible products.

Raspberry Pi Forums: Raspberry Pi enthusiasts should bookmark the Raspberry Pi community forums, which are a valuable resource for asking questions, sharing projects, and getting help with any issues encountered with Raspberry Pi projects.

MagPi Magazine: MagPi is the official online content site for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. The site offers project ideas, tutorials, and news related to the Raspberry Pi ecosystem.

YouTube: Not surprisingly, YouTube is a valuable repository for many electronics projects, including those for Raspberry Pi. Channels like "The Raspberry Pi Guy" and "ExplainingComputers" offer video tutorials and project ideas.

Element14 :  Another popular online community, Element14 has a section dedicated to Raspberry Pi with project ideas and topic discussions.

Raspberry Pi Reddit: Among the many reddit sites is the Raspberry Pi subreddit (r/raspberry_pi) which keeps Raspberry Pi users up-to-date on Raspberry news and provides an information exchange of projects and tips.

All3DP: The popular 3D printing and additive manufacturing forum has a complete section devoted to Raspberry Pi tutorials and projects.


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