Design For Security Is The Next Frontier For Semiconductor Devices

Warren Savage, a visiting researcher at the University of Maryland, discusses how the need for cybersecurity is transforming the way we design smart silicon.
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Semiconductor design is always evolving in ways just as sophisticated as the chips themselves. According to Warren Savage, visiting researcher at the Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security at the University of Maryland, the emergence of smart devices is only going to accelerate those changes – and force engineers to think about new factors, most importantly cybersecurity.

If you ask Savage, a smart device is just an SoC that's connected to the cloud. And like any cloud-based hardware or service there are major considerations to be made in terms of cybersecurity and protection.

Ahead of his DesignCon 2020 keynote, “Design for Security: The Next Frontier of Smart Silicon,” Savage sat down with DesignCon brand director, Suzanne Deffree, to explain “Design for Security” and how it fits into the world of smart devices.

Watch the interview below, where Savage also discusses the current arms race in cybersecurity and how “standing on the shoulders of giants” has affected his engineering career.


Warren Savage will be delivering a keynote, “Design for Security: The Next Frontier of Smart Silicon,” on Wednesday, January 29 at DesignCon 2020 in Santa Clara, CA.

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