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In Brief - Plastics, metals, and other materials

Article-In Brief - Plastics, metals, and other materials

In Brief - Plastics, metals, and other materials

New Oakite(R) GardostripTM liquid paint stripper will strip tenacious coatings in sheets from virtually all metals, including aluminum. This blend of water, surface-active agents, non-hazardous solvents, activators and inhibitors will remove paint films from most ferrous and non-ferrous metals in 30 minutes or less. Operating temperatures are 140 to 180F. Used full-strength in an immersion process, Gardostrip has no flash point and good rinsability; it is also biodegradable.

Penephite is the new lubricant from Kano Laboratories Inc., containing a combination of oils, solvents, and micron-sized graphite in colloidal suspension. It carries graphite into inaccessible, small spaces where it adheres to metal and provides long-lasting lubrication. It was designed for applications in any temperature or humidity, for rust-prevention, loosening, and lubrication in leaf springs, slides, locks, and hinges.

The new polypropylene compound line from DSM Engineering Plastics has up to 30% higher strength than traditional glass fiber reinforced homopolymer polypropylene, the manufacturer says. It shows higher impact and tensile strength, better stiffness, and higher short-term heat resistance, with heat deflection temperatures up to 320F. Product is available in 10, 20, 30, and 40% fiberglass reinforced grades in all colors.

Ampacet Corp. now has three new products in its AmpFlow series of high performance process aids for polyolefin extrusion. AmpFlow 1198 is polypropylene-based and designed to avoid die build up and sharkskin. AmpFlow 458-A is used for metallocene resins to alleviate "cross-link" blending between running resins and metallocenes. And AmpFlow 467 was designed for use when only a small amount is needed to control sharkskin or to keep lines running smoothly against rising back pressure

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