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J.D. Power's 2024 Most Dependable Cars

J.D. Power's annual survey looks back at the reliability of 2021 model cars over the last three years.

Dan Carney

February 9, 2024

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  • Toyota takeover
  • Infotainment troubles
  • Electrified drivetrains cause headaches

J.D. Power & Co. is back with its annual survey of the most dependable cars for 2024. As a reminder: this is a look back at the dependability demonstrated by 2021 cars and trucks over the last three years of use, not the expected reliability of the new cars currently sitting in showrooms.

We’re showcasing the top-finishing vehicles in each of the product classes identified by J.D. Power, spotlighting the top three vehicles unless there were fewer than three eligible contestants.

In this year's owner survey, Toyota asserted itself with wins for its Toyota and Lexus brands in half of the 18 vehicle categories. General Motors scored four first-place finishes between its Chevrolet and Buick brands, while the German prestige brand BMW scored a pair of wins.

Porsche and Ford grabbed one win each. Korean darlings of previous dependability reports lost ground, as Hyundai was shut out and Kia's only first-place finisher was its unloved and out-of-production Sedona minivan, not its current Carnival minivan.

This year's industry average Problems Per 100 vehicles (PP100) rose to 190 from last year's 186.

Lexus was the highest-scoring brand, with 135 PP100, followed by Toyota at 147, Buick at 149, and Chevrolet at 174 to round out the top five brands.

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J.D. Power called out infotainment systems and electrified drivetrains as the sources of many owners' complaints. Click through our slideshow to see the winners.

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