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J.D. Power Names 2024 Residual Value Winners

J.D. Power's Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) division has released its annual list of the least-depreciating cars and SUVs in each category.

Dan Carney

December 6, 2023

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J.D. Power's ALG Residual Value Awards looks at the highest percentage of value compared to the manufacturer's suggested retail price after three years of ownership.

Residual value depends on variables such as mileage, quality/reliability, options, and features. Macroeconomic factors, such as the boom in demand for cars following the pandemic and the corresponding shortage of parts needed to build them due to supply chain disruptions, also affect cars' residual values.

Honda and Lexus performed especially well in this year's awards. “The continued strength of Lexus and Honda underscores an attention to detail and a unique strategy in terms of product planning and management,” said Kristen Lanzavecchia, director of customer success at the ALG division of J.D. Power.

Click through our slide show to see each category winner.

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