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TDK-Lambda Introduces Fully Shielded 30-W Converters

ELECTRONICS:  TDK-Lambda has introduced a new family of single and dual-output dc-dc converters that provide a broad range of inputs and outputs for a variety of industrial, telecom and process control applications. Comprising the PXD30W Series, these converters feature six-sided shielded metal cases that reduce the radiated noise to meet EN55022 Level A specifications.

The PDX30W series offer a wide 4:1 input range of either 9-36V or 18-75V dc, which reduces the number of parts that need to be inventoried at the user’s facility and also enhances the flexibility of the end system.
Footprints for the devices are industry standard 2 x 1 x 0.4 inches. Available output voltages include: single outputs of 3.3V, 5V, 12V or 15V dc, and dual-outputs of +/-3.3V, +/-5V, +/-12V or +/-15V dc.

The devices boast efficiencies of up to 90 percent and MTBF in excess of 3.1 million hours, are safety-approved to UL/IEC/EN60950-1 specifications and carry the CE Mark. Remote “On/Off” is a standard feature of all models and “Trim” is standard on all single-output units.

The new PXD30W family of dc-dc converters is available now and priced at $51 each in 500 piece quantities.

- Edited by Liz Taurasi


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