National Semiconductor shows how to use power wisely

April 10, 2006

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National Semiconductor shows how to use power wisely

National Semiconductor's PowerWise technology minimizes power consumption through the use of an architecture that employs a three-piece solution. An Advanced Power Controller, embedded in the processor, works with a Slave Power Controller integrated into an energy management unit. A PowerWise interface connects those two pieces. National Semiconductor engineers say the resulting technology reduces power consumption in high-data-rate processors by as much as 70 percent, thus substantially boosting battery life in end products. By employing PowerWise, cell phone makers can add functions to their products. Moreover, greater functionality can be incorporated in the mobile phone baseband, while still maintaining low power. National Semiconductor says the technology enables OEMs to employ 600 A-hr batteries instead of 900 A-hr batteries in full-featured mobile phones. Learn more at

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