National Semiconductor's WEBENCH Visualizer

DN Staff

April 9, 2010

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National Semiconductor's WEBENCH Visualizer

WEBENCHA(R) Visualizer is a powerful comparison and selectiontool that enables engineers to rapidly select an optimal power system designfrom a large array of possibilities. It creates a graphical snapshot of optionsacross multiple criteria, such as efficiency, footprint and system bill of materials (BOM) cost. Drawing from 25different switching power supply architectures and 21,000 components, engineerscan navigate through billions of power supply design alternatives in seconds.Design criteria can be modified and the real-time effects observed, allowingengineers to select the best DC-DC power supply based on their unique needs. The tool supports a variety of power supply topologies suchas buck, boost, buck-boost, SEPIC and flyback. WEBENCH Visualizer gives designengineers all of the tools to produce the best possible design in the shortesttime. Instead of a hard coded parametrictable, this tool dynamically calculates key power supply parameters for 70 ormore designs scenarios based on the user's inputs. The results are presented in athree-dimensional graph which makes it easy for the designer to drive to thedesired solution, shaving days off of the power supply design time compared todoing calculations for designs one at a time.

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