Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.'s Ultra FRFETTM Family

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April 10, 2010

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Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.'s Ultra FRFETTM Family

Fairchild'shalf-bridge solution - the Ultra FRFET family- optimizes designs by providingbest-in-class reverse recovery time (trr) of 35ns - 65ns and the industry'ssmallest reverse recovery current (1.8 - 3.1A). These devices are part of acomprehensive portfolio of MOSFETs that offer designers a wide range ofbreakdown voltages (-500V to 1000V), state-of-the-art packaging andindustry-leading FOM to deliver efficient power management anywhere electronicpower conversion is needed. Fairchild's Ultra FRFET (Ultra Fast recoveryMOSFET) is an industry first. Ultra FRFET works well with less than four diodesin high voltage backlight inverter and reduces costs in high voltage backlightinverters by approximately $0.20. Potential savings are expected to be over$26M in 2010 because the production of CCFL backlit LCD TV is 130M sets. Thecombination technology of lifetime control process and UniFETTM mosfets achievessoft reverse recovery characteristics and big diode dv/dt immunity guaranteeing20V/ns compared with 4.5V/ns of normal MOSFET. The soft reverse recovery characteristicsimproved EMI characteristics in LCD TV sets and big diode dv/dt immunityimproved system reliability during high frequency operation at hightemperatures. When compared to alternate solutions offering a typical gatecharge of only 16nC, the Ultra FRFET products are instrumental in reducing theturn-on and turn-off losses of the MOSFET through its significantly lower gatecharge (Qg(typ) = 11nC). These products also feature a robust dv/dt immunity of20V/ns, ensuring reliability and strong EMI performance to protect the LCD TVsfrom interference.

For more information: http://www.fairchildsemi.com/pf/FD/FDPF5N50UT.html

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