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Want to See a Robot Farm? Watch These Ag Machines Go

Robots are changing the economy of agriculture. Automated machines are set to increase food production in coming years.

Rob Spiegel

November 17, 2021

Agriculture robots are getting deployed farming work, from seeding and harvesting to plant inspection. These robots use specially designed grippers that won’t harm ripe fruit and 3D cameras are using sensing technology to determine which crops are ripe. Artificial intelligence helps machines learn to harvest. can scan the objects placed in front of them and collect the information to carry out particular functions.

According to Research and Markets, the agricultural robots market is expected to grow at the rate of 33.5% CAGR by 2026. Since farming robots have significantly minimized human labor, the demand for these machines is surging. The primary factor responsible for increasing the projected agricultural yield in the coming years is automation. The work of the robots will be accompanied by satellite agriculture and the use of real-time data to facilitate decision-making.

The demand for food is rising worldwide. As a result, farmers are now shifting to modern equipment, such as agricultural robots to increase productivity. Governments around the world are offering subsidies and launching initiatives to encourage automated agriculture technologies. The European Union has initiated programs to replace labor-intensive tasks with advanced automated technologies.

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