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Power Transmission

Power Transmission


The ANT-25L Nano-Translator, available in a 100 x 100 x 66-mm package, offers 10 nm linear resolution in X, XY, and XYZ configurations. Reportedly fast positioning is achieved with 32 MHz electronic circuitry over 250 mm/sec. Features include noncontact, non-cogging, direct-drive; ultra-quiet linear servo drives; and high-speed, real-time axis calibration. The product may be mounted flat or on edge.

Aerotech Inc.,

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Linear drive

RS rolling ring linear drives are designed with five pitch settings to provide linear motion system flexibility. The drives have a standard pitch setting of 0.5, as well as other settings of 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, and 0.4 times the shaft diameter. Features include linear speeds up to 5 ft/sec for distances up to 16 ft, up to 500 lbs axial thrust, and plus or minus 0.0004 in. repeatable accuracy. The drives are used in automation manufacturing industries, intended for indexing, measuring, positioning, and PLC-controlled operations.

Amacoil Inc.,

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The 1769-SDN DeviceNet(TM) scanner, made for MicroLogix(TM) 1500 and CompactLogix(TM) controllers, uses backplane and native explicit messaging to enable communication between devices. A single wire connects several I/O modules, and I/O may be relocated or added at a distance. Users may fix and store parameter settings with the RSNetworx(TM) configurations tool.

Rockwell Automation,

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RCML15 is a single optical encoder with brushless motor commutation pulses and incremental position feedback. Featuring the company's patented slide/gap mechanism for installation ease, the encoder aligns the commutation tracks with the motor poles, due to the built-in servo groove's 20 degree rotation. The encoder offers resolution up to 2,048 lines; LED and sensor arrangement; and 4, 6, or 8 pole brushless motor commutation.

Renco Encoders Inc.,

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Twin-tapered bushings

Twin-tapered bushings are available with the DODGE QUANTIS gear reducers on motorized shaft-mount and right-angle helical bevel products. The bushing system, compatible with undersized shafts, is designed to support the sides of the reducer by eliminating driven shaft damage and reducing wobble, while providing shock load and maximum torque capability. The short shaft bushing system applies to customer driven shafts that do not fit through the reducer bore.

Rockwell Automation,

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Direct drive rotary

GOLDLINE(R) Direct Drive Rotary (DDR) features a high voltage option that, according to the company, offers faster index/cycle times. DDR uses the company's SERVOSTAR(R) 600 drive amplifier with integrated power supply to reach speeds up to 500 rpm and peak torque ratings to 225 lb-ft. DDR high voltage motors come in sine encoder and resolver feedback versions. Applications include packaging machinery, robotics, and semiconductor wafer processing.


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