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Power Tranmission/Motion Control

Power Tranmission/Motion Control


State-of-the-art technology for conventional encoders typically results in long lead times and high cost. The company claims the CoreTech(R) Series Encoders solve this problem since these core modules use an identical custom-designed high-scale hybrid OPTO-ASIC, reportedly allowing manufacturing and shipping of any resolution and electrical or mechanical inter-face within 48 hours. The CoreTech concept is said to involve a proprietary hybrid OPTO-ASIC and a small disk with a barcode track that, unlike conventional code disks with continuous repetition of opaque and transparent fields, condenses absolute position information into one non-repeating circular barcode pattern. Design engineers can choose a specific model from more than 10 million versions, and any line count from 1 to 8,192 for incremental and any step from 2 to 32,768 for absolute encoders.

Stegmann Inc.,

Enter 581

Reciprocating platform

Driven by its RG rolling-ring linear actuator, reciprocating linear-motion system, achieves almost zero play in any direction. Precision machined components limit vertical and horizontal platform movement to within plus or minus 0.001 inch. The platform reportedly remains level and does not vibrate, making it practical for such high-precison applications as laser scanning, PCB measurement/cleaning operations, and scanning barcodes on batch parts.

Amacoil Inc.,

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Belt gauge

TensionRite(TM) is said to help eliminate a primary cause of power-transmission belt failure-improper tensioning. This adhesive-backed plastic gauge comes with each of the company's Torque Team banded v-belt. Applied to the belt backing, the guage reportedly provides accurate tensioning while reducing installation time and complex measurements. Since over tensioning belts can reduce belt life, and under-tensioned belts cause slippage, TensionRite's reported accuracy to within 7% tolerance of correct tension can prevent such these tensioning problems.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.,

Enter 583

Linear-motor table

Linear-motor table users deal with cable management challenges such as tight-bend radius and high velocity that can affect reliability. The 404LXR's cable-transport system is said to allow clean simple connectorization and a rugged cable-management scheme that is tested for 30,000,000 cycles without fatigue. Using the standard "user port" feature, the nine conductors are easily routed to the moving carriage in factory-installed high-flex ribbon cable. Additionally, the 404LXR's cable cartridge can be easily removed and replaced without removing the 404LXR from the installation.

Parker Hannifin,

Enter 584

Shaft-mount reducers

DODGE(R) TORQUE-ARM II(TM) shaft-mounted speed reducers are said to simplify use, as well as reduce inventory and manufacturing time. Available in 12 case sizes through 600 hp and 450,000 inch-lb of torque, these reducers also feature a new backstop concept, a steel motor-mount system, and a totally modular shaft-mount and screw conveyor-drive design with expanded ratio range up to 40:1. The product line also reportedly has a patent-pending sealing system that uses a double-lip, spring-loaded, rubber-coated oil seal that is protected by a metal excluder seal with rubbing lip.

Rockwell Automation,

Enter 585


ALTIVAR(R) FLEX58 open-chassis ac drive controller is said to improve (by 80%) heat dissipation inside a NEMA Type 1, 12, or 3R enclosure by mounting the heatsink outside the enclosure. The heatsink fan assembly (for 10-100 hp) is mounted on a separate removable panel, eliminating the need to remove the entire ac drive from the enclosure for maintenance. Since lower temperatures are maintained, the reported result is increased product reliability and longevity.

Schneider Electric,

Enter 586

Anti-creep system

"Cage creep"-migration of the cage and roller assembly-is a common problem in precision rail-guide system with cross rollers, especially where high accuracy and speed are required. The patented Anti-Creeping System (ACS) uses a rack-and-pinion system to prevent cage creep since each rail has an internal rack gear, and the cage features a pinion gear in the center position to control the position of the roller cage. The result is the ACS keeps the cage permanently centered within a cross-roller system and the cage does not migrate nor needs to be reset.

SKF Motion Technologies,

Enter 587

PC-based control

The SINUMERIK 840Di is a PC-based motion control system with integrated PLC and Profibus for connecting drives and I/Os-suitable solutions for open decentralized automation requirements. Next to a high degree of openness in hardware and software, another reported feature is that the CNC control functions also run on the PC processor, in addition to the HMI functionality. This means that the NC processor unit required on conventional controls can be omitted.

Siemens AG;

Enter 588


With a double-lip Teflon mechanical seal for the motor shaft, the TOSH WASH SS is an all stainless-steel motor said to endure high-pressure steam ranging from 400 to 700 psi without premature failure. Difficult-to-clean catch points where contaminants adhere are minimized using precision mechanical fits between the motor terminal box and the motor frame, and engraving motor nameplate in the body of the motor rather than attaching a separate nameplate to the motor.

Toshiba Int'l. Corp.,

Enter 589

Interface-motion module

The ControlLogix(TM) SERCOS digital motion interface(TM) module is said to provide seamless integration of sequential, motion, and servo control, simplifying system integration and operation, and providing a lower-cost implementation and ownership. The product is suitable for packaging, material handling, assembly, and automotive applications.


Enter 590


MXP motorized pulley uses high-efficiency AGMA class 10 hardened and ground helical gearing that is said to reduce power consumption and noise levels. A patent-pending Hermetic Cable Seal eliminates hollow-shaft leak points to the terminal box wiring. A magnetic particle trap in the drum reduces risk of damage to bearings and gearing, and chemical-resistant double seals are standard on both end shafts.

Emerson Power Transmission,

Enter 591

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