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Siemen's New High-Performance Family of Spindle MotorsSiemen's New High-Performance Family of Spindle Motors

DN Staff

October 14, 2010

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Siemen's New High-Performance Family of Spindle Motors

Siemens Industry Inc. introducesits new 1PH8 family of high-performance induction motor drives and servomotors.Available in a wide power range, from 2.8 kW up to 1340 kW, these new motors providedynamic response, smoother operation and lower vibration levels.

This new line combines induction andhigh-powered servo technologies to give machine designers and end-users agreater degree of efficiency and more precision in the production process. A single stator and rotor design enables themodular adaptation of the many motor options to provide design flexibility andcost containment.

Designed for the specific performance andenvironmental requirements of a main spindle on a CNC-equipped machine tool,these new Siemens induction motors have myriad applications in other heavy-dutymarkets, such as print unit drives on printing presses; rolls and web handlingon converting and packaging machinery; crane and hoist elevation; extruders andinjection molding machines; metal-forming and welding machinery; assembly linerobotic articulation; materials handling gantries
and more.

Siemen's New High-Performance Family of Spindle Motors

Siemen's New High-Performance Family of Spindle Motors_A

Themodular motor platform concept offers designers various options for selectingthe optimum unit for an application:

  • Assorted bearing designs for increased cantilever forces or increased speeds up to 20,000 rpm.

  • Shaft designs in a solid or hollow configuration to match the mechanical interface.

  • Forced-air or water-cooled models for choosing the better method to suit the job.

  • Induction or synchronous servomotor design for mating the right motor to the size requirements and dynamic response needs; both styles feature the same mechanical and electrical interface to simplify engineering.

  • Absolute or incremental encoders built-in for high-resolution feedback and enhanced motion control in high power level applications.

The1PH8 motor spindle line is fully compatible with the Siemens SinamicsA(R)S120 drives platform to achieve faster commissioning and improved controlresponse. All motors in this new family feature the Drive-CliqA(R)serial interface and electronic nameplate recognition for plug-n-play

Earlierfamilies of Siemens motor designs can be upgraded to the new 1PH8 series withoutdifficulty, including the 1PH7, 1PL6, 1PH4, 1PM4, 1PM6 and the upper range ofthe 1FT6.

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