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November 22, 2004

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Powerful rendering capabilities

The company has announced the licensing of its HOOPS(R) 3D technology to Autodesk(R). The HOOPS 3D Application Framework and HOOPS Stream Toolkit reportedly help power the 3D viewing capability in Autodesk DWF(TM) Viewer 5 and help enable the 3D compression in the DWF file format. According to the company, Autodesk has added powerful 3D rendering capabilities to the latest version of its DWF Viewer. Tech Soft America


Interpolates values in nodes

SmartCoupling is designed to be a multidisciplinary data transfer tool for coupling and linking of mathematical models coming from different disciplines. It reportedly enables a seamless multiphysics interaction, and allows coupling of models with different discretization. It can be done manually or half automatically, according to the company, and it can also interpolate values in nodes or elements. SmartCAE


Expanded, new platform options

The company has released a variety of new enhancements and options to its Agile 9 Enterprise PLM solution. Also included are a new release of the Agile Product Governance and Compliance product, and the delivery of new features and improved functionality to the Agile 9 platform. The platform reportedly provides organizations with a robust, scalable, enterprise class infrastructure. Agile Software Corp.


Actionable metrics

Version 6 of the company's PLM software is engineered as a business-ready solution, and the company's Innovator(TM) is the underlying application framework. They are reportedly the first and only actionable metrics based on a standardized set of key performance indicators for product development. It is also built on Microsoft(R).NET technology, reportedly another first. It is designed so users can identify and fix issues before they become problems and proactively target areas for continuous improvement. Aras Corp.


For test applications

The company's new compare test data feature is designed to let users export analysis data from COSMOSWorks(R) software to test applications based on National Instruments LabVIEW graphical development environment. Test applications focus on the functional performance and durability of 3D solid model designs during prototyping and production, the company says. Combining analysis and testing allows users to choose which specific areas of a design to test, so they don't have to test all the data in a solid model. SolidWorks Corp.


For designers or analysts

The company's LSA software is offered for use by either designers or analysts at the concept design stage. Common suspension layouts are reportedly pre-programmed into the software, and all significant suspension parameters are included in the output. Lotus Engineering


Comprehensive offerings

The Adept 5.2 is billed as a comprehensive engineering document management solution, and it is reportedly certified to support Autodesk Inventor(R) Series 9, Autodesk Inventor Professional 9, and SolidWorks(R) 2005. It provides functionality, collaboration, and scalability, according to the company. Advantages include CAD independence, built-in 2D/3D viewer, central database and remote vaults, and security without changing the file naming structure. Synergist Software


No performance compromise

The Sun Java(TM) Workstations are designed to run Solaris(TM), Windows, or Linux operating systems. They reportedly support simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit computing with no compromises in performance, enabling users to maintain their existing x86 infrastructure while still allowing a smooth migration to next-generation 64-bit operating systems and applications when required. The Workstation's solutions include Quadro FX 4000, 3000, 1100, and 500, and Quadro NVS 280. Sun Microsystems Inc. Corp.


Enhanced features

The company's Version 8 of its 3D CAD application for mechanical design and manufacturing is reportedly the first to fully integrate and use collaborative capabilities to deliver support to all customers. It provides 3D parametric solid modeling for mechanical and design and manufacturing at one-fifth or less the cost of comparable products, according to the company. It offers support for join, subtract, and intersect commands, and the ability to use multiple parts and assemblies as "tools." Alibre Inc.


Seamless integration

CADpdm is designed to provide the necessary integration for CAD data management in multi-CAD environments and the SMARTEAM PDM system. It reportedly allows seamless integration of 3D data into SMARTEAM environments, allowing users to manage all product design and attribute data. Elysium Inc.


Polygonal pad support

The AnsoftLinks(TM) v3 software is designed to streamline data flow from popular electronic design automation (EDA) vendor software into the company's products. Users can reportedly seamlessly transfer their integrated circuit, printed circuit board, and package designs into any of the company's electronic products. Features include more efficient mesh and model sizes, negative layer support, mirrored and polygonal pad support, and faster model generation time. Ansoft Corp.


Saves state information

Engineered to allow users to access data with browsers for Windows, Macs, and UNIX, the Client-Server Edition of AutoVue is now available for versions 8 and 9 of Sun Solaris servers. Features include precise part alignment and constraint definition, interference and clearance checking, and the ability to save state information. It reportedly provides native viewing, printing, markup, digital mockup, and real-time collaboration support. Cimmetry Systems Inc.


Data easily accessible

SpinFire Professional 2004 Version 2 is designed to be the most advanced digital design communication tool available. It reportedly makes CAD data more easily accessible to technical and non-technical users. It also reportedly adds 2D CAD visualization capabilities to its 3D CAD visualization, without needing a CAD system. It is intended for the high technology, automotive, industrial automation, and discrete manufacturing industries. Actify Inc.


For Mac OS X

The two companies have made available their CFD pre- and post-processing software, Gridgen and FIELDVIEW, for Mac OS X. The ports are reportedly strongly motivated by their common customers at NASA. The Mac OS X and Xserve provide workgroup data needs, while the Power Mac G5 is a desktop machine people enjoy working with, according to the company. Pointwise Inc.


New scripting interface

SIMPLORER(R) simulation software is engineered for the design of large-scale, multi-domain systems. It reportedly features a powerful new scripting interface, increased optimization and statistical analysis tools, extended VHDL-AMS functionality, and new model parameterization tools. It is intended for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace/defense, and industrial automation. Ansoft Corp.


Free for viewing

The company is offering a free CAD viewer that will reportedly enable users to view (but not change) CAD models in all the major forms, including CATIA versions 4 and 5, Pro/ENGINEER 2001 and Wildfire, SDRC, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, and SolidEdge. The viewer can be downloaded from the company's website, or requested on CD by e-mailing the company at [email protected]. It is designed to incorporate all the viewing options offered by normal CAD packages. Delcam

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