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February 23, 2004

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AC Motor Speed Controllers

Easy to use, low costs

Accepting input power of 110/115V (ES01) and 200/230V (ES02), the compact ac motor speed controllers can reportedly be used to control ac motors and gearmotors over a speed range of 90 to 1400 rpm and 90 to 1,600 rpm. They can also reportedly be used with the company's World K and V series ac induction or reversible speed control motors. Features include controlled acceleration and deceleration, instantaneous stopping capability, and the ability to set the desired speed with either a built-in or potentiometer.

Oriental Motor

Booth 3022

Chassis Redesign

Joining cycles reduced

Designed to provide enhanced manufacturability, reduced costs, and quicker turnaround for sheet metal rack server chassis, the new product is joined in seven steps. It also uses integral bridge features with cold formed thread screws, reportedly eliminating the cost for purchasing and installing secondary standoffs. The board plane is secured to the chassis in a single cycle with 28 self-clinch joining points. Multiple joint projection welding secures components in six steps, where 53 individual spot welds had been used. Also, an integrated front panel design eliminated two separately fabricated components and the steps to join them.

Maysteel Innovative Enclosures

Booth 2843

Free Service

For CAD and non-CAD users

Intended as a free service to users of the company's online catalog, the "SOLID GOLD" online CAD support system allows users to view and manipulate images of the company's 9,000-plus Stock Springs. Users can also download 3D or 2D CAD models and save viewed images as .jpg or .tif files. The company is also reportedly offering free standard ground shipping on Stock Spring orders within the continental United States.

Lee Spring Co.

Booth 4439

Cooling Products Line

Used in a variety of applications

The company's line of cooling products includes ac and dc axial fans and blowers that range from 25 to 172 mm in diameter. Also included are ball bearings from 0.1181 to 1.0 inch outside diameters that are designed to provide high performance within a small envelope design, and hybrid and permanent magnet step motors. The products are designed for such applications as computing, communications, medical, home appliances, and automotive.

NMB Technologies

Booth 1640

White LEDs

Wide variety of sizes and uses

The line of 3,200K warm incandescent-white LEDs and LED lamps are available in a variety of configurations, sizes, dispersion angles, packages, and standard electrical bases. Designed to emit a warm incandescent-white light, making them ideal replacements for standard incandescent lighting, the LEDs have 100,000-hour life spans, which make them reportedly excellent solutions for maintenance-intensive and ornamental lighting applications. The lamps are available in sizes ranging from 3-mm midget flanges up to 3.75-inch R30-style spotlights.

LEDtronics Inc.

Booth 829

Tool Kit

Quick route to implementation

The LabVIEW Simulation Interface Toolkit 2.0 is an add-on that links the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment with The MathWorks Inc. Simulink modeling and simulation software. Users are able to build custom user interfaces to interactively verify Simulink models and deploy the models to real-time hardware for control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop testing. This is designed to allow users to deliver new products to markets more quickly. It also includes a connection manager that allows users to create custom LabVIEW-based graphical user interfaces that connect to parameters and output of Simulink models.

National Instruments

Booth 4323

Infrared LEDs, Security LED Bulbs

Night vision illumination

Designed to provide the illumination needed by infrared-sensitive equipment to capture clear images in total darkness or low-light conditions, the company's expanded line of infrared LED lamps are available in three wavelengths-850, 880, and 940 nm. In addition, the industry-standard bases reportedly allow the products to be integrated into traditional wiring systems without requiring modifications. According to the company, ideal applications include equipment that is often used in low-light rescues, surveillance tasks, law enforcement operations, and military exercises.

LEDtronics Inc.

Booth 829

New Software Version

With many enhancements

Featuring more than 250 customer-requested enhancements, including performance that is reportedly 15 times faster than competing midrange software, SolidWorks(R) 2004 is designed to unleash designer and engineer creativity. Such enhancements include powerful drawing automation improvements that allow designers to create production-level drawings from larger assemblies much more quickly. Users can reportedly generate 2D views of a 10,000-piece assembly in approximately 10 seconds by simply dragging and dropping an assembly into a drawing. The product is designed to be both flexible and cost-effective.

SolidWorks Corp.

Booth 2411

Orifice and Filter Fittings

Various sizes

The quick connect orifice assemblies are offered in orifice sizes from 0.0004 inch and larger with flow rates from less than 0.5 ccm dry air; they can also be supplied with either single or dual filtration from 5 microns and up. Standard tube sizes include 1/16, 1/8 inches and larger, and a range of male threads and NPTs are available. The products are designed for a variety of applications, including medical gas, analytical, and pneumatic applications.

Bird Precision

Booth 2450

Cable Heaters

With optional internal thermocouple

The sealed leadwire transition of the flexible, high-wattage, electric cable heaters is designed to eliminate contamination while operating temperatures up to 1,500F are reached. The products are available with customized wattage and voltage, and sheath materials include 304 S.S., 316 S.S., Inconel, and Incoloy; standard sheath cross-sections range from 0.062 to 0.375 inches in diameter. The leadwires can be PTFE or encased in fiberglass sleeve, stainless steel flex cable, or stainless steel overbraid. Suitable applications include trace heating/freeze protections semiconductor manufacturing processes, vacuum chambers, and various immersion heaters, among others.

Durex Industries

Booth 3342

Modular Safety Systems

Various features

Designed to optimize applications of medium complexity with 4 and 14 safety functions, the PNOZmulti allows flexibility but simple configuration of E-STOP switches, safety doors, light curtains, switch mats, or the monitoring of two-handed operations. Safety BUSp(R) is the safe open fieldbus system for networking programmable safety systems, as well as decentralized applications like light curtains and safety gates. Both products work in concert with PSEN non-contact safety solenoid switches to reportedly provide a complete machine tool and automation safety solution.

Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

Booth 4842

Replacement LED Lamps

For numerous applications

The company's group of direct incandescent replacement 15-mm single-contact bayonet base LED lamps are designed to incorporate optical-grade epoxy, advanced LED technologies, standard single-contact bayonet bases, and light-optimizing designs to produce vivid light. They are available with 40-, 30-, and 18-LEDs and are sunlight-visible lamps. Available colors are aqua green, incandescent white, cool white, super blue, super yellow, and super red.

LEDtronics Inc.

Booth 829

Analysis Application

Easy to use, for every skill level

Enhancements to COSMOSWorks(TM), COSMOSFloWorks(TM), and COSMOSMotion(TM) reportedly make the COSMOS products the very first to put advanced finite element analysis features in an affordable package. The products are designed to allow users to test assemblies' behaviors without the complicated and time-consuming step of fully modeling component connectors up front. Upgrades have reportedly enabled solvers to use processor cycles more efficiently and make the product anywhere from 10 to 15 times faster than comparable analysis applications.

SolidWorks Corp

Booth 2411

Self-lubricating Linear Guides/Slides

With integrated lead screw

The Mini-Rail(R) LS is designed to provide a compact, robust, light-weight, low-cost, smooth, and quiet linear motion control solution. It is available in various sizes in order to handle a range of loads; it also features different speeds to optimize speed and positioning. The product reportedly maintains its precision control and accuracy because of such elements as precision ball bearings supporting the lead screw and pre-loaded drive nut. It also reportedly requires no sealing, emits no particles, and tolerates high temperature extremes.

Pacific Bearing

Booth 2928

Index Metering Adjustment

For air atomizing nozzle

Designed to deliver increased accuracy and repeatability, the company has introduced an index metering adjustment to their 1/4JAU automatic air-atomizing nozzle. Precision and stable adjustments to the flow rate can reportedly be achieved with a few clicks of the new product. It is designed for coating and lubricating applications requiring the spraying of high-viscous liquids.

Spraying Systems Co.

Booth 2824

Rectangular RopeLED

For right angle surfaces

The Series RPLD02 Rectangular RopeLED measures 0.4 x 0.7 inches and is designed to fit snugly against surfaces with right angles. They feature 21 LEDs per foot that are spaced 0.55 inches apart. The product's tubes are marked at intervals where they can be cut, allowing users to customize the length or to splice together different colored segments. Its weather-resistant PVC construction is designed to make it ideal for both outdoor and indoor uses. Colored PVC tubes are not needed because the LEDs emit colored light.

LEDtronics Inc.

Booth 829

Data Acquisition Devices

Affordable and reliable

The company's five new digital input/output and analog output boards are designed to offer an affordable and reliable I/O solution for data acquisition and control. The boards (NI PCI-6509, NI PCI-6514, NI PCI-6515, NI PCI-6722, and NI PCI-6723) deliver NI-DAQmx software technology that includes code generation for creating applications in NI LabVIEW, C, Microsoft Visual Basic, .NET, and C#. Other features include multithreading streaming technology, automatic timing, and an assistant feature that guides users to input/output without requiring any programming.

National Instruments

Booth 4323

Sensor Housing


The TempoGuard II is designed to be an explosion-proof, high-pressure housing for position sensors used in Class I, Division I, Groups A, B, C, and D areas. It reportedly prevents ignition of flammable gasses and vapors by containing possible combustion within the seal housing, providing an accurate and reliable magnetostrictive position sensing in a safe package. It is sold as an integrated, IP68 sealed, stainless steel sensor package and is ideal for applications such as position feedback in power generation and petrochemical plants.

MTS Sensors

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