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August 20, 2001

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Disc and hub assemblies

The 4800 series brake disc and hub assemblies are available as machined discs in factory-ordered pilot-hole and bolt-circle pattern; blank discs in which users may create individual patterns; and disc and hub combination assemblies. With 5 disc diameters-65/16, 8, 10, 12, and 16 inches-the 1010 steel discs fit several brand caliper disc brakes, according to the company.

W. C. Branham Inc., www.cbranhaminc.com
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Test instrumentation modules

The GR Versa OT(TM) test solution's two new instrumentation modules reportedly add flexibility by measuring transmission power and confirming receiver sensitivity. An automated switching feature is designed to produce faster test times, a faster speed-to-market process, and efficient human resource use. According to the company, the system also uses less manufacturing floor space due to a smaller system footprint. It is made to meet production test requirements of key switching component manufacturers in the optical telecom industry.

GenRad, www.genrad.com
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Current transducers

Made to monitor non-contact direct current, the CR5200 series of Hall Effect Current Transducers reportedly produce 1% accurate readings of a calibrated 0-5V dc or 4-20 ma output signal. The variety of transducer models operate from a 24V dc supply in a 2 to 300A dc full-scale range, and can be surface mounted or mounted on 35-mm DIN rails.

CR Magnetics, www.crmagnetics.com
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The XT-39C clutch is the newest addition to the XT "Xtreme Torque" Series of clutches and brakes, intended for high torque applications in small spaces. The 2.59-inch power-off clutch has a holding torque of 100 inch-lbs, and a coefficient of friction between 0.75 and 0.95. With a diameter of 3.4 inches, the clutch may be used in secure holding applications in industries such as aerospace, robotics, automation machinery, medical, material handling equipment, and military.

Electroid Co., www.electroid.com
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Conductive tape

The company's line of conductive tapes include Conductive Foil Mask and Peel Tape (CFMP), Conductive Nickel Silver Nylon (NiAg), Conductive Double-Coated Copper Foil Tape (CDC), Conductive Anti-Tarnish Copper Foil Tape (CAT), and Conductive Silver Fabric Tape (CST). The tapes may be applied in higher temperature applications due to pressure-sensitive adhesive, fire rated to UL 510, eliminating the need for further pressure in an EMI shielding design.

Schlegel Systems Inc., www.schlegel.com
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Power clamp

The Series 285 Power Clamp, reportedly the first spring pressure terminal over 2 AWG conductor size, is designed with a 200A UL current rating at 600V, and the ability to connect conductors from 4 AWG to 3/0. Made with a coil spring technology, the power clamp uses an 8-mm T-wrench to activate the spring, at which point a locking tab holds the spring in place to allow for conductor insertion. The company recommends its use with medium voltage power panels and large conductor control panels.

WAGO Corp., ww.wago.com
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Digital signal processor

The Blackfin(TM) 16-bit digital signal processor (DSP) uses the Intel jointly-developed Micro Signal Architecture to develop hardware and software for the telecommunications industry, as well as for Internet appliances. A power management chip controls the DSP voltage, reportedly reducing power consumption to as low as 42 mW at 0.9V. The DSP emits up to 600 million multiply accumulate instructions per second (MMACs), operating at 300 MHz.

Analog Devices, www.analog.com
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The Quicklub 203 lubrication systems can be selected with 2-, 4-, or 8-liter reservoirs. They can deliver reliable performance in harsh environments while automatically monitoring for low lubricant levels and feedline blockages. Three models feature low-level sensors with microprocessor controls that permanently save control and monitor settings in EPROM if power is lost. The microprocessors also eliminate the need for control boards.

Lincoln Industrial,www.lincolnindustrial.com
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PFA fittings

PURELOC(R) fittings are precision-molded from chemically inert PFA. The fittings mate well with PFA tubing to create complete contamination-free systems for fluid applications. The PURELOC's parts consist of a body, nut, ferrule, and gripper. The gripper, made of carbon-filled Tefzel(R), is black and can be easily seen through the other translucent parts. This visibility allows the user to assure the fitting is installed properly.

NewAge Industries, www.newageind.com
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Mag-Edge(TM) yields a strong magnetic force from a thin and narrow piece of material, down to 0.7 mm thick and 3 mm wide. The magnet is produced as a flexible neodymium compound and a plastic edging by feeding the materials through two barrels into a common die and co-extruding a magnetic strip. Colors can be specified to indicate the different polarities of co-acting strips. Moreover, this magnetic material is flexible and resilient like rubber sheet, so that it can be rolled up like a scroll for carrying.

Kane Magnetics Int'l.www.kanemagnetics.com
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