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March 3, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Rolling-ring assemblies

Drives to 880 lbs thrust

Linear motion assemblies designed on the rolling-ring principle allow mechanical control over the drive head travel connection and speed. Rolling-ring drive assemblies provide up to 800 lbs of axial thrust. Assemblies need no programming or electronic control, simplifying motion design, set-up and operation. One motor powers both the drive and the motion assembly, while synchronization is achieved with simple pulley systems. Applications include textile, automotive, wire/cable, packaging, and test equipment. Amacoil Inc., Enter 703

Gear box

High efficiency rating

The G250 Right Angle Gear Box features an 80 to 90% efficiency rating, due to bevel gears that transmit power more efficiently from the motor through the gearbox. As a result, the company reports savings in weight, overall cost, and power consumption with the higher torque of smaller motors. RAE Corp., Enter 704

Linear actuator

Size 14, non-captive

This size 14 non-captive linear actuator, reported to be the smallest commercially available hybrid-linear actuator on the market, is the latest hybrid motor line addition, joining size 17 and size 23. The actuator features a stainless steel Acme lead screw, engineering thermoplastics in the rotor drive nut, and resolutions ranging from 0.000125 to 0.002 inch per step, delivering thrusts up to 25 lbs. Applications include X-Y Tables, automation, valve control, and medical equipment. Haydon Switch & Instrument Enter 705

Motion controller

With servo processor

The SPii PCI motion controller offers 10 kHz sampling rate-regardless of the number of axes-and supports up to eight axes of combined servo and stepper control. A second-generation servo processor (SPii) provides a 120 MHz RISC processor core for motion control applications. A 32-bit PCI interface enables the controller to communicate with the host. Other features include high-speed hardware position capture, Windows(R) tools for tuning and troubleshooting, and C/C++/VB Library support for Windows NT/2000. ACS-Tech80, Enter 706

Step motor control chip

Single-axis motion processor

A step motor control version of the company's Pilot(TM) Family of Motion Processor chips, the MC3510 offers multiple breakpoints, s-curve profiling, at-rest indicators, on-the-fly profile changes, and programmable PLC-style inputs and outputs. Packaged in a 132-pin device with surface mount CMOS technology, the step motor control chip provides pulse and direction output up to 50 kpulses/sec, as well as 5V power. Applications include semiconductor, industrial control, robotic, scientific instrumentation, and medical industries. Performance Motion Enter 707

Ball bearing unit

Air-handling, low vibration

ConCentra air handling ball bearing units are designed for fan and blower OEM applications or upgrades to set-screw and concentric collar-locking bearing units. The manufacturer says the units offer longer life, and lower vibration, reduce fretting corrosion, and reduce maintenance requirements. ConCentra's multi-step sleeves allow the use of commercial grade shafting due to a secure concentric fit throughout the assembly. Features include high locking force, near-360 degrees fit, two-part sealing, and lubrication for life. Available in bore increments of 1 to 215/16 inches. SKF USA Enter 708

Clutch brake

Uses springs as actuators

A compact, single-piston clutch-brake is reportedly the solution for repeating material handling applications like starting and stopping the roller shaft on chain-driven accumulating conveyors. The clutch disengagement springs act as brake actuators in the LSCB-44 unit, eliminating simultaneous engagement. Features of the clutch-brake include varied mounts, 6.3 Nm brake torque, 238 Nm clutch torque at 5.5 bar, 115-mm diameter, 12 to 32-mm bores, and internal spline drive. An open design dissipates heat and no rotary air union is required. Nexen Group Inc., Enter 709

Ball screw

Outperforms many cylinders

HBN heavy-load ball screws with caged technology reportedly offer improved energy use and superior positioning accuracy, outperforming hydraulic cylinders in injection molding, pressing, blow molding, and die casting applications. According to the company, the HBN ball screw runs clean, with enhanced machine control and reduced maintenance, but has the durability of hydraulic units. The cage acts as a lubricant reservoir, and Type HBN is available in 32- to 63-mm diameters and 10- to 20-mm leads. THK America Inc., Enter 710

Reinforced gearbox

Low maintenance, low noise

The SK 12382 Clincher(TM) gearbox is the largest in the line of parallel-mounted gearboxes, with maximum output torque of 796,500 lb-in. With reinforced construction, high-grade materials and condensed power, the gearbox features a one-piece housing, Quad-rilip(TM) oil sealing system, low maintenance, and low noise. Units offer a power range of 15 to 200 hp, output speeds of 8.7 to 62 rpm and gear ratios of 69:1 to 202:1. The SK 12383 is a triple-stage geared motor available with hollow or solid output shaft. Nord Gear Corp., Enter 711

Custom slides

Designed for harshest use

Customized, heavy-duty linear slides are available to fit specific engineered applications and include products for the harsh environments and heavy loads. Self-lubricating bearing slides reportedly have load capacity five times standard rolling surface bearings and eliminate metal-to-metal contact using Frelon(R) bearing surfaces. Slides wipe shafts clean with use, have no mechanical components and operate in temperatures of -400 to 500F. Applications include fiberglass manufacturing and processing, stone cutting and other quarry operations, automotive testing, welding, and assembly lies and machine tools. Pacific Enter 712

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