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April 7, 2003

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Bearing-grade polymers

Heat resistance, low friction

The first products in the Extreme Materials(TM) program are bearing-grade polymers Techtron(R) HPV and Ketron(R) HPV. Techtron offers wear resistance and low coefficient of friction, while Ketron offers a combination of low friction, low wear, and high LPV, the company says. Both product shapes have greater resistance to wear in dynamic applications than standard grades. Both materials also retain the inherent mechanical properties of their base polymers. Quadrant Engineering Plastic Productswww.quadrantepp.com Enter 625

Polyester resins

High fatigue strength

Petra(R) reinforced thermoplastic polyester resins offer high-fatigue strength, good surface appearance, and excellent melt stability. Fatigue strength of these resins is typically 10 to 50 times higher than other standard resins. Petra 7330 tests at 8,000 psi for a life of 240,000 cycles, nearly 10 times that of reinforced PET. Applications include large furniture parts, thin wall parts, and fatigue strength parts, like arm rests and chairs. Petra is available in natural, black, and pre-colored, customer-specific grades. Honeywell International, www.honeywell.com Enter 626

Circuit, laminate products

For wireless communications

RO4000(R) high-frequency circuit materials and RO3000(R) series laminates are designed for producing high-volume circuits for wireless communication applications. The RO4350B and RO4450B capable material systems fill the need for higher than 105C material and are reportedly suited for applications such as base station power amplifiers. RO3200 laminates offer stable dielectric constant over temperature and low dielectric loss. Rogers Corp., www.rogers-corp.com Enter 627

Low-temp HNBR

Improved processability

Zetpol 4310 low-temperature HNBR is designed for use in oil, energy, automotive, aerospace, and other industrial applications. Zetpol 4310 has better low-temperature tensile strength, lower compression set, and improved property aging when compared to HNBRs with higher Mooney viscosities. This second generation, low-temperature HNBR has 17% ACN content. Zeon Chemicals, www.zeonchemicals.com Enter 628

Medical grade TPE (TPV)

Offers very low hardness

A line of USP XIX Class VI certified thermoplastic vulcanizates is available in the range of Shore 40A, 45A, and up to 50A. NexPrene(R) Series elastomers are the lowest hardness medical grade TPVs on the market, the company claims. Benefits include different chemistry from traditional silicone and latex materials, high flow characteristics, easy molding, and reduced cycle times. Applications include seals, gaskets, medical components, diaphragms and valves. Thermoplastic Rubber Systems Inc.www.trstpe.com Enter 629

Acetal copolymer

Electrostatic dissipation

Celcon(R) acetal copolymer CF802 provides electrostatic dissipation performance required for aggressive fuels. Fuel system components and parts made of CF802 include filler cap, filler neck, fuel pump parts, vapor canister, flange, and pressure regulator body. Reinforced with fiber, CF802 will not degrade when exposed to fuel and is resistant to both oxygenated and non-oxygenated fuels. Most parts formerly made of metal can now be made of products like this. Ticona; www.ticona.com Enter 630

Styrenic polymer

For consumer products

Product designers needing high gloss, toughness, scuff resistance, and stress-crack resistance can use FX550 advanced styrenic polymer for most purposes. FX550 joins a family of impact-modified resins that feature superior toughness. Applications include small appliances, housewares, refrigerator shelves, office supplies, vacuum cleaner housings, toys, kitchen and bath accessories, and cosmetics. Due to its high melt flow characteristics, FX550 is easily colored at the press and requires no drying, the company claims. Nova Chemicals Ltd., www.novachem.com Enter 631

Acoustical foam

Facing reflects radiant heat

TUFCOTE(R) H-series SM acoustical foam is designed for use in noise-control applications that may include exposure to high radiant heat. This sound-absorption product is faced with aluminized polyester that reflects heat and protects from soil and fluids. Cast in continuous sheets, TUFCOTE is ideal for enclosed equipment like motors, generators, compressors, and pumps. The foam resists delamination at most temperatures and meets UL smoke and flame standards. E-A-R Specialty Composites, www.earsc.com Enter 632

Lamination primer

For bonding to aluminum foil

Water-based extrusion and lamination primer product, Polaqua(R) 138, is designed for water-resistant bonds of polyethylene to aluminum foil. It bonds at standard extrusion temperatures with reportedly excellent strength off-machine. Polaqua is suitable for combinations of LDPE or Surlyn to foil and is applied by conventional methods including gravure, flexo, rod, roll, etc. This primer complies with EPA and OSHA restrictions. ADM Tronics, www.admtronics.com Enter 633

HCFC replacement

Solvent replacement tests available

The G3(TM) solvents line is available for test against HCFC-141b solvents, which must be replaced by law. Since many variables are involved, including flammability, compatibility, evaporation, and ozone safety, the G3 is formulated to meet every requirement. Products include a cleaner/degreaser, a defluxer, and contact cleaner. Users should test in specific applications under normal conditions. Tech Spray, L.P., www.techspray.com Enter 634

Antistatic compound

Built-in conduction

PEEK(TM) polymer compound prevents static buildup during soldering operations. Because discharge can damage components, PEEK polymers have built-in conduction, yet retain thermal-resistant properties. Retaining nuts made of this durable and non-distorting polymer remain stable throughout the soldering tool's operating range. Victrex USA Inc., www.victrex.com Enter 635

Pressure sensitive tapes

Bond low-energy surfaces

Pressure-sensitive tapes, designed for high-bond strength on a variety of low-energy poor-substrate surfaces, are available in non-reinforced and thermally conductive products. Bond-Ply 400 provides superior wet-out and easy release top tabs for faster manual assembly, the company says. Bond-Ply 400 is designed for securing heat sinks and heat spreaders to graphics processors, computer processors, and motor controls. Bergquist, www.bergquistcompany.com Enter 636

Ferrite materials

For low power loss

Ferrite materials combine low power loss with high performance. P1 and P2 ferrites are designed for high power applications like battery chargers, industrial induction heating, UPS and welding equipment. They reportedly offer low-power loss in frequencies of 25 to 200 kHz in operating temperatures 80 to 100C. Most popular shapes like E and U cores, I bars, and toroidal cores up to 1.6 kg are available. Custom shapes are available. AVX Corp., www.avxcorp.com Enter 637

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