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September 23, 2002

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Fluid Power


Requiring 30 minutes for assembly, the All-flo three-inch aluminum, air driven, double diaphragm pump is designed with the company's non-stall, lube-free, and freeze resistant air system. Featuring up to 255 gpm capacity, the pump has few components. Optional inside and outside surface treatments reportedly help to resist corrosive attack from salts.

All-flo Pump Company, www.all-flo.com. Enter 698


The company's line of Butterfly and Check valves are designed for industrial and commercial applications. Sized 2 to 48 inches, the butterfly valves come in cast iron with stainless steel shafts, featuring a phenolic backed seat to prevent seat collapse and serve as a primary shaft seal. Available in sizes 2 to 30 inches, the check valves come in bronze, carbon steel, cast iron, and stainless steel, and include a resilient seat to prevent seat failure with a metal-to-soft- seat seal.

Spence Engineering Co., www.spenceengineering.com. Enter 699


These 90 degrees flange rotational retaining adapters enable rotation of the flow plane, providing flow in horizontal and vertical planes and offering more flexibility in SAE Code 61 and Code 62 flow system assembly. Used with socket head clamping bolts, Design A standard adapters feature a clamp flange seal; Design B adapters have a plain clamp face.

ADACON + INSERTA, www.inserta.com. Enter 700

Timing control

The repeat cycle timer control comes complete with a 6-ft cord for 120V/60 Hz and with a DIN connector and 6-ft cord for attachment to a solenoid valve or other device. The control unit is designed to energize a solenoid valve to allow flow of a liquid or gas for an adjustable period of time. Both the interval time and energize time are variable from 0.1 sec to 33 hr. Applications include irrigation, water injection, and water spray for produce cooling.

O'Keefe Controls, www.okcc.com. Enter 701


These flexible fabric actuators offer a high cycle life, lightweight materials, high tensile strength, and a reported prototype development time of two to three weeks for automated positioning, holding, switching, and clamping applications. Operating with "nervelike" pulsations, the actuators reportedly resist severe temperature extremes and conform to tight tolerances in such industries as automotive, computer, medical, electrical, robotic, and aerospace.

Aero Tec Laboratories Inc., www.atlinc.com. Enter 702

Flow meter

The Model DV01 Gear-Wheel Flow Meter is made for viscous fluids from 20-400 cSt, flowing with pressures up to 160 bar and rates up to 65 l/min. Designed with a low pressure drop and reportedly quiet operation, the flow meter works via a pair of rotating gear wheels that convert sensor signals to a pulse train output. The three flow meter configurations include DV01-1 for measuring flow rates from 0.25 to 10 l/min, DV01-2 for measuring flow rates from 0.16 to 16 l/min, and DV01-3 for measuring flow rates from 1 to 65 l/min.

Clark Solutions, www.clarksol.com. Enter 703

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