Electronic Multiplex Switch Module

DN Staff

March 24, 2011

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Electronic Multiplex Switch Module

Eaton Corp.'s newhigh-performance electronic multiplex switch module provides increasedflexibility and sealing ratings for buses, recreational, emergency, streetsweepers, mobile hydraulics and other specialty vehicles by providing userswith a comprehensive and simple dash-panel switch solution. Eaton's multiplexingtechnology allows users to reduce harness wires with a digital semiconductor toreduce the overall weight of a vehicle.

Eaton's electronic multiplex switchsystem uses a master module and up to seven expansion modules; LIN SubBus isused by the master module to connect with the expansion modules. Its modulesallow the flexibility to reprogram in the field and operate on 12 or 24Vbattery power-line, so that only a direct-current power-line is needed forinstallation. The system requires one cut out, instead of three, to maximizepanel space.

Eaton's electronic multiplex switchsystem has LED backlit graphics. With standard top, center and bottom LEDlighting, the new electronic multiplex switch module can incorporatecustomizable graphics or laser etching. The system's software offers unlimitedcircuit and lighting flexibility with J1939 CANbus controllable dimming, mode,scaling and flashing options.

The electronic multiplex switchmodule protects against dust and moisture for various applications inside thecab. The actuator styles include above and below panel rockers, and areavailable with IP53 and IP42 rated enclosures respectively. Additionally, ithas an operating temperature range, from -40 to 85C.

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