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Plastics, Metals, and Other Materials 12245Plastics, Metals, and Other Materials

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September 17, 2001

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Plastics, Metals, and Other Materials


Low-friction urethanes use an internal lubrication system that maintains physical properties of the base material while improving frictional performance to levels approaching PTFE. They are also reported to assist production efficiencies as well as part performance due to lower molded-in stress and improved part filling. Applications include mating medical components, especially surgical tubing assemblies.

Foster, www.fostercomp.com.

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Prototype materials

A full line of ProtoFunctional(TM) materials replicates the performance parameters of production materials. From thermoplastic elastomers to polyethylene and polypropylene, these materials can be utilized in stereolithography and selective laser sintering technologies. Large, complex parts can be produced as a single, one-piece unit assuring structural strengths and weaknesses are modeled correctly.

DSM Somos, www.dsmsomos.com.

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Hydak(R) coatings are made of hyaluronan, a biopolymer found in human tissues, for biocompatibility. They provide a high degree of hydrophilicity, lubricity, and flexibility for the functioning of medical device design. Application of coatings is a simple process using conventional dip-coating equipment and curing ovens, and can be used on external and internal surfaces.

Biocoat Inc., www.biocoat.com.

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Complying with FDA biocompatibility guidelines for medical products, silicones are compatible with human tissue and body fluids. Silicones offer heat stability, resisting shape, clarity, strength, and flexibility changes following repeated sterilizations. Components designed from this material are odorless, tasteless, and do not support bacteria growth.

Vesta Inc., www.vestaweb.com.

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Polyethylene film

Crosslinked polyethylene film has a softening point of 350F, and is provided in thicknesses from 1 mil to 10 mils. It can be manufactured in rolls that measure up to 80 inches wide, or slit to customer specifications. The crosslinking process uses an electron beam that rearranges the material's molecular bonds into longer chains, which improves strength, heat resistance, and dielectric properties.

Metallized Products Inc., www.webmpi.com.

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Durablend foam grips, supplied in three densities with either smooth or textured surfaces, are formulated to last in harsh environments. Resistant to rips and tears, the foam is a blend of CPE and EPDM. It is resistant to sunlight, water, oil, and gas. The material combines the soft, ergonomic qualities of most foams with durability similar to rubber grips.

GripWorks, www.gripworks.com.

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Photonics components

Molded photonics components include optical subassemblies with integral lenses and micro-lens arrays with 250 mum centers. The parts can incorporate holes under 250 mum threads, custom finishes, and inserts. Depending upon size and material, the components can also feature 4 mum tolerances on a 2.5 mm hole, =15 mum concentricity, and positional tolerances of =3 mum.

Matrix Inc., www.matrixincorporated.com.

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Machinable glass ceramic can be produced in sizes up to 20 inches and is readily machinable on conventional equipment with standard cutting tools. Rescor 914 is dense and vacuum tight, inert to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, and has low thermal conductivity. With a maximum operating temperature of 1,000F, it can be utilized in such applications as electrical insulation, furnace components, and RF heating fixtures.

Cotronics Corp., www.cotronics.com.

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A thermal resistant wire for use in furnaces or temperature-rated electronics combines the conductivity of copper with the corrosion resistance of pure nickel. It features a hermetically sealed metallurgical bond, and can be specified in nickel ratios from 10 to 40%. Aside from copper, other core materials such as bronze, brass, and steel can be used. It is supplied in wire or rod formats from 0.01- to 1-inch OD in a standard 27% nickel ratio.

Anomet Products, www.anometproducts.com.

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Flexane(R) compounds are castable, nonshrinking, two-component liquid urethanes that cure at room temperature. Flexane 80 Liquid is a medium-viscosity compound that cures to a semi-rigid rubber material and will return to its original shape even after 650% elongation. It has a demolding time of 10 hours. Flexane 94 Liquid is a low-viscosity compound that cures to a rigid, rubber material and demolds in 5 hours.

Devcon, www.devcon.com.

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ECTFE-based composite coating engineered for use on metallic surfaces has a maximum operating temperature of 300F. Coating thickness ranges from nominal 0.045 inch on interior and wetted surfaces to a nominal 0.010 inch on exterior surfaces. It can also be applied at a thickness of up to 0.12 inch to provide adequate abrasion resistance. Food-contact and conductive versions of the material are also available.

Edlon-PSI, www.edlon-psi.com.

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New process technology is said to produce a PEEK slab with improved physical properties, lower stress levels, and an enhanced surface finish. Physical properties include: specific gravity of 1.32; tensile strength yield at 14,500; and wear factor against steel of 200. Available in 2 x 4 slabs with standard thicknesses ranging from .25 to 2 inches, thicker slab sections and larger sizes for specific applications can be provided upon request.

A.L. Hyde Co., www.alhyde.com.

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SeriFlex graphic technology allows for such specialized looks as phosphorescent, translucent, granite, neon, glitter, and pearl effects. It is resistant to UV exposure, salt water, chlorine, impact, abrasion, and cold crack. Standard molds offer reproduction of fine lines and minute detail. Precision molds allow for the creation of bevels, contours, and controlled depths.

Serigraph; www.serigraph.com.

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PTFE media

Emflon PTFE media, utilizing a state-of-the-art lamination technique, is available with polypropylene and polyester supports. This reproducible, hydrophobic product reportedly performs well in automated fabrication, and is said to be suited for healthcare and other air-venting applications.

Pall Corp., www.pall.com.

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A thermally conductive urethane potting compound, 50-2366 FR, is a flexible potting and encapsulating system designed to provide low stress on components during and after cure. Properties include: low shrinkage, high thermal conductivity, and water resistance. With its low viscosity and easy mix ratio, this system is reportedly suited for potting applications containing surface mount components or high thermal conductivity.

Epoxies, Etc., www.epoxies.com.

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Silicone gel

HumiGel is a solventless, air curing, 100% solids silicone material contained in pressurized controlled delivery containers. It can be dispensed similarly to window caulking material, in lines or films of various sizes, ranging from a very thin film up to approximately 500 mils (.50 inch), all from the same delivery system. The gel is a clear, thixotropic encapsulant specifically designed to protect select areas of printed circuit assemblies where extra protection against heat and humidity, or against electric or mechanical stresses, is required.

Humiseal Protective Coatings, www.humiseal.com.

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Uniprene(TM) 7010 Series thermoplastic vulcanizate compounds are approved for potable-water applications in accordance with NSF Standard 61. This compound is rubber-like, and provides elasticity and strength under sub-freezing conditions or after prolonged use at elevated temperatures. The series can be specified in 13 individual injection-molding and extrusion grades. Gaskets, seals, and hoses are just some of the material's applications.

Teknor Apex, www.teknorapex.com.

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Cast aluminum bake and chill platens are manufactured for wafer processing applications. These platens use a high-density mineral-insulated heating element, formed to provide a specific heat profile and cast onto 99.7% pure aluminum. Cooling tubes of different materials can be run systematically with the heat pattern for uniform chill requirements.

Durex Industries, www.durexindustries.com.

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Thermal interface

POLARCHIP(TM) thermal interface material can fill unwanted air gaps between heat generating devices on printed circuit boards and the heat sinks, heat spreaders, and metal chassis that dissipate the heat. A fluoropolymer composite that consists of an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) matrix filled with boron nitride particles, the low elastic modulus of the ePTFE matrix gives improved softness and compressibility to the composite. It is reportedly suited for gap-filling applications where gap thickness is large or the surface is variable, such as laptop computers, high-speed telecommunications equipment, and wireless infrastructure equipment.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc., www.gore.com/electronics.

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SPC-PRO 5 module is an analysis tool kit for plastics molders, providing process and production management information and DOE capabilities. Its features include: a display of continuous updates of actual values; a display of pre-control and PQS view options; and parameters updated in real time during data logging and graph sampling. Tool kit also contains proprietary class factor(C) technology that is said to provide molders automatic and accurate machine-to-machine comparison to determine how well equipment should be operating.

Hunkar Laboratories Inc., www.hunkar.com.

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Hand wheels

Hand wheels are now available in cast iron and stainless steel. The cast-iron type has a chrome-plated finish with a polished rim. The stainless-steel version of the hand wheel has a square design, machined to a fine finish from solid 300-series stainless steel, and it is center drilled.

Carr Lane Manufacturing , www.carrlane.com.

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Gasketing materials

Heat curable, cured-in-place silicone foam gasketing material, Durafoam(TM) 5975 offers high- and low-temperature performance and compression-set resistance. It reportedly conforms easily to channels or grooves, and seals out a wide array of environmental contaminants. The gasketing material reduces noise, vibration, and harshness for various automotive applications such as wiper motors, connector seals, and timing belt covers.

Loctite Corp., www.loctite.com.

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Chain material

HP(TM) (High Performance) material has been reformulated to yield greater chain benefits. Properties include: lower sliding friction, reduced wear, reduced backline pressure, increased production speeds, and lower power requirements. The primary application for this material is conveying lines.

Rexnord Corp., www.rexnordplastics.com.

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TRA-BOND 224-8 is a structural epoxy that is said to reach a complete cure at room temperature in only four hours. It is electrically insulating, thermally conductive, and is available in custom bipaxs for convenience. Suitable for staking applications, this product is also available in pre-mixed and frozen syringes.

Tra-Con Inc., www.tra-con.com.

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