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Single-Piece Turn Valve Cuts Production Time and Manufacturing Cost

Carmo, a Danish plastics manufacturer, has designed and developed the one-piece SuperValve, which is stronger and more durable than multiple-piece devices.

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November 18, 2022

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Carmo's fully molded turn valve could be produced specifically for various needs and specific industries.Image courtesy of Carmo

Carmo has devised a unique turn valve for urine-collection bags and other medicine bags that can be molded in a single piece, which increases its strength and durability and ensures fully automatic high-volume production in Denmark.

Molding the valve in one piece means costs are kept low. Because there is no need to mold multiple parts and assemble them, production time is also cut significantly. Additionally, there are other benefits to producing the new valve in one piece. Normal valves, which are produced in several parts, are held together with silicone to ensure density. Called SuperValve, the one-piece valve minimizes the risk of leakages because there are no joints and there is no need to use silicone, which is nonbiodegradable.

“We have a product with a high level of durability and uniformity, which makes the valve more secure and resistant to leakage,” explained Anders Johnsen, development and technology director at Carmo, in a news release. “It’s groundbreaking for the industry that we can now reach such a high level of valve safety. At the same time, they meet the ISO 13485 [standard] and the MDR regulation and will be produced in medically certified materials to ensure that safety and leak resistance is guaranteed.”

SuperValve can be produced specifically for various purposes, in various industries, the company reports. It has an outlet diameter of 5.9 mm, withstands pressure of 0.15 bar, can be sterilized and maintain functionality, and is fully validated and ready for clinical tests. It can be delivered in biocompatible materials, and PVC- and silicone free. Tube connections enables external adjustment for attaching a hose connection.

Carmo demonstrated SuperValve at the Compamed Fair in Düsseldorf, November 14-17, in the Danish Exports Pavilion.

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