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Stator coating process

Insulates wire winding

A patented process for the multi-laminate stacking, bonding, and coating of gyroscopes, small motors, and stators is made to insulate and improve wire winding. The company produces parts with electrical insulation to 2,000V and up to 1,000 V/mil thickness, depending on configuration. Lamination alignment is held to plus or minus 0.0005 inch and parts are deburred and coated to provide smoother wire winding with reduced scrap. The service is suitable for parts ranging from 3.8- to 8-inch O.D. Applied Plastics Co. Inc.


Improved physical properties

Raprex(TM) family of pre-process polyethylene resins is formulated to provide improved physical properties without the use of chemical cross-linking agents. Reportedly providing superior mechanical properties, enhanced design flexibility, reusability, recyclability, and reduced cost, the products are available in three grades. Extrusion grade Raprex(TM) 100 is used for pipe, tubing, containers, and profiles; injection molding grade Raprex(TM) 200 is used for tote bins, pump housings, industrial clamps, and luggage handles; and film grade Raprex(TM) 300 is used for steel pipe sleeves, greenhouse film, and timber pole sleeves. Ion Beam Applications

Epoxy-novolac paint

Corrosion protective

Corr-Paint(TM) CP2070 is a high temperature, corrosion protective, epoxy-novolac paint that can be used to coat metal components and structures used in industrial applications to 300F. It is a two-part, gray pigmented, 100 percent solid, epoxy-novolac system designed to protect steel components and structures used in aircraft, automotive, chemical processing, foundry, and power generation plants. It reportedly provides excellent adhesion to marginally prepared metal surfaces and exceptional corrosion resistance. Aremco Products

Cold spray coating

For heat sinks

Designed for heat sinks and other computer, electrical, and electronic components, the copper cold spray coating produces a coating with less than 0.2 percent oxygen content. It also reportedly has porosity of less than 1 percent and results in a coating with high electrical and thermal conductivity. It can be used on a variety of base materials, including aluminum and other non-ferrous and ferrous materials. ASB Industries


Available in low and medium compositions

Aremcolox(TM) 502-1550 is a zirconia phosphate-based machinable ceramic used for producing specialized brazing fixtures, induction liners, wafer chunks, optical stands, and combustion nozzles for applications to 1,550C. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 0.5 inch/inch/F x 106 , setting it apart from conventional ceramics (such as alumina and zirconia) that demonstrate a CTE as 4.0 ppm/F. This is designed to eliminate a part from racking when mechanical stress caused by expansion and contraction occurs. It is completely inert, will not outgas in ultra high vacuum, and does not react with most molten metals, salts, and acids, according to the company. Aremco Products


Functional, stylish

The company's glow-in-the-dark (GITD) compounds contain various phosphorescent pigments combined with proprietary carriers, yielding compounds with long duration glow features without significant reduction in mechanical performance. The brighter and longer-glowing GITD compounds use light stable pigments that reportedly do not fade. RTP Co.

Performance coatings

Create specific surface properties

The company's applied plastics specialty performance coatings are designed to add specific surface properties to parts. Examples of coatings include Teflon(R), Kynar(R), and Halar(R). They are suitable for parts ranging in size from less than 1 oz to 2,000 lbs. Coatings can be applied from 0.0002 to 0.020 inch thick, depending on coating and substrate. Typical products coated include surgical instruments, hypo-tubes, probes, mandrels, core wires, valve components and housings, solenoids, and process equipment. Applied Plastics Co. Inc.


For medical products

The company, which manufactures intricate medical parts and implantables made from titanium and titanium alloys, has the capability to fabricate burr-free parts from both standard and exotic non-corrosive metals without inducing the stresses common to machining. Flexible, lightweight titanium mesh can reportedly be manufactured in any size or pattern style, with countersunk holes for flush-mounting screws. Photofabrication Engineering Inc.

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