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Epoxy preforms

Eliminates messy clean-ups

Uni-forms(TM) epoxy, one-part preforms are solid at room temperature and are designed to pot and seal electromechanical components, as an alternative to liquids. Heating melts and cures the product. Uni-forms reportedly seal against dust, moisture, oil, flux, cleaning solvents, coatings, and other contaminants. They need no cleanup and reportedly eliminate pot-life problems. Multi-Seals Enter 654

Cold-bonding adhesive

Cures at room temperature

821-GEL choke and transformer adhesives for gapped cores maintain gaps by including sized particles, eliminating the need for spacers. G20 contains 20-micron material, and G50 contains 50-micron particles. Both products fix in 15 - 60 sec. Room-temperature, cold bonding occurs in minutes, the company claims. Applications include gapped e-cores in chokes and transformers. Dymax Enter 655

Photocurable adhesive

Low refractive index

One-component ABLELUX(R) OGRFI 146T adhesive is light-curing, has a low 1.46 refractive index and cures in seconds. It bonds silicon and ceramic for applications in optical, fiber optics, and optoelectronics. OGRFI cures in visible and UV light, has a 64 durometer hardness, and is UV tack free in 5 sec. Thermal cure properties allow secondary cure for hidden areas. Ablestik Electronic Materials & Enter 656

Shadow cure adhesive

Use 16-20 gauge dispensing tip

A UV/moisture, dual-curing adhesive LL499 cures in UV light and continues to cure in ambient or surface moisture. Substrates bonded include steel, plastics, glass, polycarbonate, ABS, and aluminum. The adhesive is reportedly ideal for potting and sealing components. Translucent blue, LL499 is available in 30 cc and 6-oz sizes, and has a viscosity of 3,100 cP. Shelf life is 3 months. Enter 657

Dish handles

For sheet metal enclosures

Glass-filled, nylon polyamide dish handles offer strength advantages over ABS and withstand harsh environments, the company claims. Handles are one-piece, snap-on devices for doors and panels, featuring deep recesses and up to 26-mm protrusion. They have flush surfaces, rounded corners, and are available with a VO flammability rating. Handle models fit 0.75- or 1.5-mm sheet metal in applications like telecommunications, medical, HVAC, and marine equipment.DIRAK Inc., Enter 658

Transfer film system

Automatically retracts adhesive liner

T002, a 1.6 mil, unsupported, acrylic adhesive transfer film, is acid-neutral and designed with glass fibers to remain dimensionally stable. The product reportedly offers good initial tack, good bonding, and excellent resistance to UV exposure. Supplied with a liner, the film can be applied using a gun dispenser that automatically retracts the liner. Applications include graphic arts, photo mounting, picture framing, and product assembly. Scapa North America Enter 659

Custom tapes

Supplied in 54- or 60-inch rolls

Specialty tapes for specific applications are available to solve problems like heat, moisture, and UV resistance; permanent adhesion; residue-free release; and dissimilar substrates. Materials include acrylic, rubber, polyurethane, and silicone. Special backings and coatings are available. Tyco Adhesives, Enter 670

Heat-shrink tubing

Packaged in clean rooms

TexMed(TM) heat shrinkable tubing is available in a variety of Class VI materials - PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, PEEK, and PEI - and shrinks at rates from 1.3:1 to 4:1. This medical grade tubing requires no adhesive when applied to metals, glass, or stainless steel. Tubing is inert, non-toxic, biocompatible, slip resistant, and can be sterilized. It is available from 0.001- to 6-inch ID. TexLoc, Enter 671

Expandable hose wrap

Spooled, boxed, or cut to length

Spiral-cut Heli-Tube(R) expandable, polyethylene abrasion wrap installs around braided stainless steel hose, protecting against rubbing, dragging, and sharp objects. Used indoors and out, Heli-Tube protects up to 10-inch OD and is UV-resistant and unaffected by gasoline, oil, sunlight, and saltwater. The product is installed without tools and multiple hoses can be bundled. M.M. Newman Corp., Enter 672

RFI/EMI gaskets

Use in I/O panels

The Microbridge(R) RFI/EMI gasket has a closed cell sponge core with periodic silver conductive traces. This die-cut gasket configuration reduces costs and is reportedly ideal for I/O panels and similar uses. The conductive traces through the inner body terminate on the outer faces, putting conductors only where needed. Vanguard Products Enter 673

PSA conductive tapes

Bonds strong, highly conductive

ARclad(R) 90038 PSA conductive tape is designed for electromagnetic interference shielding in electronic products. The 2.4 mil, conductive, acrylic-based tape is backed by copper foil. It is easily soldered and resistant to corrosion and oxidation, the company claims. ARclad shielding ranges from 95-80 dB, in the 1-18 GHz frequency range. Applications include cellular phones, computers, disk drives, medical equipment, and modems. Adhesives Enter 674

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