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Fast curing

Intended for bonding heat sinks or heat-sensitive components to PCBs, the Multi-Cure(R) thermally conductive adhesives can also be used in any application where it is necessary to increase thermal conductivity between assembled parts. The products reportedly cure with UV light, heat, or activator in seconds. The product line includes high, moderate strength, and removable grades; self-shimming grades are also available. They may be dispensed with a range of automatic bench-top applicators and are available in syringes and cartridges up to 600 cc. Dymax Corp.

Locating patch

Saves time, money

The NYSTAY(R) locating patch is designed to allow threaded and unthreaded fasteners to be temporarily held in place during transport, fabrication, or assembly. The polymer (pre-applied 360 degrees around the fastener) is reportedly soft enough to allow hand assembly and for manufactures to pre-install certain components. It is non-toxic, environmentally safe, and easy to assemble, according to the company. Designed to replace former methods of using plastic washers to hold solid rivets, the product provides a reported increase in productivity while reducing assembly labor costs. Nylok Corp.

Wire saddle

With locking top on base

The WSLTB is designed for routing wires or fiber optic cable. With a hinged locking top that can be opened to allow insertion of wire or cable, the product locks the wire or fiber in place by closing and snapping the top locks. This is meant to avoid crimping of cables during insertion or removal. Several mounting options exist: double back adhesive tape, a screw, or a rivet. It comes in a flame retardant UL 94V0 material. Richco

Aqueous Primer/Adhesive

Grease- and oil-resistant

Engineered for use on a range of accepting substrates, Polaqua 103 water-based primer/adhesive provides compatible combinations of LDPE-Surlyn-Printing inks to substrates that include aclar, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, vinyl, aluminum foil, polycarbonate, paper, board, and cellophane. It reportedly exhibits excellent grease- and oil-resistant bond strengths in a cost efficient process. Bonding is rigorous enough to ensure the substrates may be primed and rewound for later use (up to 90 days) without blocking or reduction in bond strength. ADM Tronics

Flexible cyanoacrylates

Long-term performance

Formulated to provide reduced hardness and improved thermocycling resistance, Loctite(R) 4851(TM) and Loctite(R) 4861(TM) instant adhesives will bond a variety of metal, plastic, or elastomeric materials. Loctite(R) 4851(TM) is a medium viscosity, single component adhesive for general purpose bonding, while Loctite(R) 4861(TM) is a high viscosity, single component adhesive for bonding porous and absorbent materials. They are are made to withstand vibration, impact, and fatigue loads. Henkel Loctite Corp.


Thermally conductive

Pyro-Duct(TM) 597-A is a silver-filled, high temperature, electrically and thermally conductive adhesive designed to produce electronic and high vacuum components for applications to 1,200F. It exhibits a reported volume resistivity of 0.0002 Vcm at room temperature and a tensile strength of 450 psi. It is a single-component, water-dispersible system that contains no organic resins or solvents. The product sets at room temperature in 1 to 2 hours and heat cures in 1 to 2 hours at 200F, according to the company. Ideal applications include sensors used in high vacuum systems, high temperature connectors, specialty lighting, and semiconductor components. Aremco Products

Potting compounds

Thermally conductive

Syon(R) thermally conductive potting/encapsulating compounds are engineered for sealing electrical components or wiring in applications where heat dissipation is required. The versatile, low-shrink epoxide formulations are designed to mix and pour easily, fill voids completely, and cure with minimal air entrapment. They are available in a range of package sizes, from disposable, single-application Acu-paks(R) to bulk containers. Devcon

Adhesive film

For bonding, splicing, and assembly

Designed for difficult bonding and splicing applications, Dublfilm(R) S920 is a double coated, pressure-sensitive adhesive film. Made up of a highly conformable clear upvc film double coated with a high tack, high peel acrylic adhesive, it can also be used for general product assembly and lamination to epdm rubber. It reportedly offers superior resistance to environmental extremes and excellent adhesion to ether and ether foams. Supplied on a 60# release liner, the product is also engineered to bond well to rough and porous surfaces. Scapa North America


Reduces substrate staining

The company's 756 SMS is a clean silicone building sealant designed to reduce fluid migration, which is a common cause of staining of sensitive substrates like porous stone or masonry. The product's surface-modified sealant technology reportedly gives the cured sealant a low-friction surface that minimizes dirt pick-up. It provides long-life durability and flexibility inherent to silicones, according to the company. The product comes in six standard colors and can be custom-pigmented to match virtually any design requirement. Dow Corning

Ceramic adhesive

Exhibits minimal shrinkage

Ceramabond(TM) 569 is a high-temperature ceramic adhesive designed to bond flexible heaters to quartz reservoirs used in semiconductor processing equipment for ultra-high temperature applications. A single-part, ceramic-filled paste that reportedly bonds tenaciously to ceramic, metal, and quartz, the product is rated for operating temperatures up to 3,000F and exhibits a recorded dielectric strength of 200 V/mil. It is applied using a brush, syringe, or automatic dispensing equipment. Ideal applications include the assembly of igniters, thermocouples, and probes. Aremco Products


Excellent adhesion

The company's 10 Minute(TM) epoxy is a self-leveling adhesive formulated for bonding, potting, and cosmetic repairs in a range of OEM applications. It reportedly has superior strength and excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, such as aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, brass, copper, ceramics, glass, and wood. It is available in clear and black formulations and has a 10-minute working time and a 20-minute fixture time. Functional cure reportedly is attained in 90 minutes. Devcon

Wire harness tape

Reduces squeaks

Polyken(R) 007 wire harness tape consists of a non-woven polyester backing on a black natural rubber adhesive that is single coated and self wound, and reportedly provides consistent unwind throughout the roll. It is designed for use in automotive interiors, and marine, aviation, appliance, and instrument wiring. At 11-mill thick and .75-inch wide, the product is offered in 66 and 100-ft rolls. It is hand-tearable and operates at 85C continuous temperatures. Tyco Adhesives

Cable harnesses

For OEMs, ISO 9002 certified

Using connectors from Amp, JST, and Molex, among others, the company manufactures cable harnesses that are designed for use in consumer electronics, medical equipment, ATMs, industrial automation, appliances, cash registers, slot machines, and automotive and computer applications. Each product is made in an ISO 9002 certified factory and tested for reliability. Products with voltage ratings to 600V can be manufactured to meet specific needs of most applications. Source Engineering

Hex jam nut

With washer face

The company's hex jam nuts with a washer face are available in sizes 1-11.50 npt and 1.25-11.50 npt. According to the manufacturer, they are molded in nylon 6/6 material and recommended in installations of threaded pipe through sheet metal, composition board, or cabinet walls. Designed to reduce connection failure in high vibration areas and provide moisture and thermal insulation in heating and cooling systems, the products are reportedly resistant to chemical corrosion, vibration, and abrasion. Micro Plastics Inc.


Conforms to body movement

Engineered for use in medical devices where skin contact is made, TM8616 is a 1/16 in 4# white polyethylene foam, double coated with an acrylic-based, hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive. It is protected by a 70# densified, semi-bleached kraft release liner with a silicone release system on two sides. It reportedly exhibits good adhesion to low energy surfaces and demonstrates excellent results in peel and shear tests. Morgan Adhesives Company

Color coding

For nylon fittings

Designed to easily identify water or air fittings in industrial applications, the company is introducing color coding for its nylon fittings. Nylon fittings able to be color coded include "Y" fittings, tees, connectors, luer fittings, tube to port fittings, and compression fittings. It does not affect the functionality of the part or distort any of the part's dimensions, according to the company. In addition, the company says, seven color options are available: black, blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and purple. Ark-Plas Products

Snap latch

Supplied as two separate parts

The Snap Latch pin and body are molded in a UL94-V2 natural nylon material and designed for securing a removable panel to a fixed structure. The product is supplied as two separate parts. Available panel thickness and hole sizes information can be found on the company's website. Micro Plastics Inc.

Epoxy adhesive

Electrical insulator

TRA-BOND 2106T is designed to be a versatile, two-part epoxy system that contains no solvents and mixes easily at room temperature. According to the company, it can develop strong bonds to metals, plastics, glass, as well as glass fabrics, in addition to others. The product is intended for high performance structural bonding applications, the company adds. Tra-Con Inc.

Conductive epoxy

High-temperature stability

Duralco(TM) 120 500F epoxy contains more than 70 percent ultra fine silver and can cure at room temperature to form electrically conductive bonds. It increases resistance to most chemicals, solvents, and moisture, the company reports. In addition, it also avoids exposure to soldering temperatures. Suitable applications include bonding circuits, semiconductors, heat-sensitive components, thermistors, wire tacking, as well as EMI shielding, the company adds. Cotronics Corp.


Wide range of colors available

Featuring custom die-cut pieces that can be supplied on continuous length reels up to 25 yds, the One-Touch hook and loop fasteners remain on release paper for high-volume peel and stick assembly operations. The hook and loop sides can be spooled separates, mated, or supplied as back-to-back self-closing straps. They are available in sizes from 5/8 to 4 inches wide and can be made from 100 percent nylon or fire-resistant Nomex(R). Nelco Products Inc.

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