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Hard and soft plastic assembly

The Avdel(TM) brand Rivscrew(TM) PL coarse-threaded blind fasteners may be applied at the rate of 60 per minute, with an Avdel(TM) 753 hand tool. According to the company, it combines the removability of a screw with the speed of rivet placement. Made from low carbon steel with zinc plating and available in two 4.8-mm diameter versions with grip ranges of 2.8 to 6.6 mm and 2.8 to 11.5 mm, the fasteners have no torque control requirement. It also features reportedly vibration-free assembly, high clamp-up, and good thermal conductivity between components. High-tolerance applications in the consumer electronics and automotive industries include furniture, lighting, appliance, and computer chassis. Textron Fastening Enter 607

Hose clamps

Low-profile, one-piece design

NORMACLAMP(R) Cobra stainless steel hose clamps are designed to close around a hose in tight spaces with manual or pneumatic pliers. The low profile suits the clamps for such applications as washing machines, irrigation systems, food processing, and automotive air and fuel systems. Clamps come color-coded in a variety of diameters and three band widths-7, 8, and 9 mm. Norma Enter 608

Indicator tape

Shows water damage

The Water Contact Indicator Tape 5557 is a multi-layer tape that changes color permanently from white to red when water contacts the edge of the tape, providing evidence of water damage. The red shows water contact without false identification from high humidity in electronic products. The layers consist of a printable transparent PET top film, water contact indicator layer, high-strength acrylic adhesive, and polyester release liner with the indicator layer for die-cutting. 3M, Enter 609

Dowel bushings

Reduces component/assembly costs

These Dowel Bushings and Spring Dowels, intended for large bolting applications, prevent early bolt failure by protecting the bolts from shear loading. The Dowel Bushings eliminate the need for a separate dowel hole by aligning mating components and offering an ID clearance hole for a bolt. When the bolt must be located in a separate location, Spring Dowels align mating components. Available in heat-treated, high-carbon spring steel, the products come in 5/8 and 3/4 inch, and 14- and 16-mm bolt sizes. Spirol International Enter 610


Flexible food packaging

Orevac(R) 18370 grafted polyolefin is designed to offer adhesion between metal foil and polypropylene (PP). When used in the outer layer for cast polypropylene (CPP), it reportedly provides five to ten times greater adhesion between the CPP and the metalized layer than with a standard CPP. The adhesive material may be used to produce metalized laminated multilayer films in the manufacture of food product compound flexible packaging. ATOFINA, Enter 611

Flat cables

Clean-room applications

The HPF (High Performance Flex) flat cables, specified for 50 million flex cycles, offer a smaller bend radius compared to standard round cables. According to the company, less power is needed for quick positioning of moving parts due to the tape's low friction and self-lubrication, improving flexibility. Other features include: mix-and-match conductors and cable components; customized hybrid designs for a wide range of component integration; and low outgassing, ageing, and wear of materials, for use in clean room and high vacuum environments. These flat cables may be used in material handling, robotic systems, automated wafer tabs, medical diagnostics, linear drives, and automated pharmaceuticals. LEONI Tailor-Made Cable Enter 612

Barrel clamps

Space-constrained applications

These barrel hardware clamps, available in diameters down to 1-1/8 inches, offer reportedly higher clamping loads than worm gear clamps. Made with a low-profile design, the clamps may replace standard T-bolt clamps in applications bound by space constraints. Clamps come standard with stainless steel bands and zinc-plated or stainless barrel hardware and socket head cap screws. Clampco Products Enter 613


Require only a mating screw

The SpinTite(R), MaxTite(R), and PlusTite(R) blind threaded rivets come in aluminum, steel, brass, or stainless steel for fastener installation in a workpiece where only one side is accessible for assembly. Rivets may install from the accessible component side in metal or plastic sheets as thin as 0.01 inch (0.25 mm). Fastening applications may include automobile mirrors, electronic cabinetry hardware, aircraft seat trays, and closed-structure materials with low backside clearance. Atlas Engineering, Enter 614

Microwave connectors

Snap-on interconnects

TRU Subminiature MCX/MMCX Series Connectors are engineered to save space over SMB connectors, but maintain the same electrical properties, due to snap-on interconnects rated for 500 mating cycles. Conforming to CEECC 22220 standards, these 50-ohm connectors provide 750 VRMS dielectric withstanding, 1.15:1 VSWR at 6 GHz. Made for wireless, GPS, automotive, and test and measurement applications, the connectors consist of brass bodies, beryllium copper gold-plated female contacts, brass gold-plated male contacts, and Teflon(R) insulators. Tru-Connector Corp., Enter 615

Superalloy fasteners

Strong, corrosion-resistant

These fasteners, manufactured from SPS MP98T(TM) superalloy, feature a minimum tensile strength of 180 ksi, toughness values over 200 ksi-in- .50, and sizes up to and exceeding 1.75 inches. The new material reportedly adds toughness, strength, and corrosion resistance to the fasteners. Engineered for aerospace engine and airframe applications, the superalloy fasteners also resist embrittlement in high-pressure hydrogen environments, making them suitable for rocket motors using liquid hydrogen as fuel. SPS Enter 616

Curing system

High intensity, long life

The BlueWave(TM) 200 spot/wand curing system offers intensity levels over 4+ W/cm2 for up to 2,000 hours at the end of each of four wands. Featuring a four-pole lightguide attachment on it, the curing system is CE compliant and PLC compatible with two-way communication. The 360 degrees curing provides consistent curing and part stability in medical, optical, and electronic applications. When operating with special filters matched to different resin types, the system can reportedly provide fast and deep cures for a wide range of light curing adhesives. Dymax Enter 617

Foam tape

Conforms to irregular surfaces

The Duofoam(R) S3632B-PE cross-linked polyethylene foam tape is double-coated with an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and designed with long-term aging and environmental durability over a wide temperature range. Available with uniform unwind and high load bearing ability, the solvent-based adhesive offers weatherability over water-based adhesive systems. Applications include mounting, window glazing, gasketing, and sound attenuation. Scapa North Enter 618

Self-clinching fasteners

Replaces extruded, stamped threads

PEM(R) self-clinching fasteners-available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum-can install permanently in metal sheets as thin as 0.020 inch (0.51 mm) and eliminate the need for washers, lock washers, and nuts for final component attachment. Among the variations of fasteners are free-running, floating, self-locking, and blind hole types that meet ISO, unified, and MIL standards. The company reports reduced costs and quicker product assembly due to the reduced amount of hardware required in such industries as data/telecom, aerospace, medical, automotive, and electronics. PEM Fastening Enter 619

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