Quick-Disconnect Coupling

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September 10, 2009

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Quick-Disconnect Coupling

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The FD83 coupling from Eaton Corp. targets high flowrate applications where a safe, simple, reliable, dry break connection isrequired. Typical applications for this type of coupling include computercooling and bulk fluid transfer, but it can be manufactured in a variety ofbase materials with alternate seals and end ports for a wide range of fluidsand applications.

The FD83 coupling provides improvedflow characteristics when compared to typical dry break quick disconnect couplingsof equivalent size because there are no valve components in the flow path toobstruct flow. It also eliminates the potential for serious spills that can becaused by sticking valves in standard quick disconnect couplings.

The FD83 dry break couplings areunique in that they feature a Unisex design. The halves are identical so thereis no concern for male/female connection relationship of system components,which simplifies operation and inventory requirements. The valve designprovides a straight through, unobstructed, flow path for maximum flow andminimum pressure drop. The coupling's two interlock features help eliminate spillsand ensure maximum safety. Valves can't be opened until two coupling halves aremated, and coupling halves can't be disconnected until both valves are closed. Theability to swivel 360 degree permits positioning of valve handles and reduceshose twist.

Additional key features of the couplinginclude minimal spillage on disconnect, and a special locking pin and lever handleto prevent accidental disconnects, and color coded bumpers to avoid cross connections.The one-inch coupling also features 303 stainless steel construction and EPDMO-ring seals with 150 and 300 PSI operating and burst pressures respectively.

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