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May 21, 2001

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Product News

Power unit

The Micro-Pack MP90 power unit has a footprint measuring less than 33/4 x 5 inches and producing pressures up to 3,000 psi. Valve options include adjustable or tamper-proof relief, check, and solenoid. Motor options include 500 and 800W versions, 12 or 24V dc. Peak flow rate is 1.6 gpm. Applications include wheelchair lifts and hydraulic gates or doors.

SPX Fluid Power, 5885 11th St., Rockford, IL 61109; FAX (815) 874-7853.

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Spring-energized seals

MSE? seals are comprised of an energized metal spring within a plastic jacket. Benefits include resistance to compression set, long-term shelf life, low- and high-pressure seal performance, improved frictional properties, and chemical resistance. Construction materials encompass PTFE-based AVALON? compounds that are FDA and USP Class VI compliant.

Greene, Tweed & Co., Box 305, 2075 Detwiler Rd., Kulpsville, PA 19443; FAX (215) 256-0189; www.gtweed.com.

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Instrument-quality pumps offer flow rates from 3 ml/min to 8.8 gpm and pressures to 60 psig. All pumps can be specified with a range of tube fittings for connection to the fluid system. These customizable pumps also come in low-flow range models from 0.001 m(liter)/min to 2 (liter)min. Customizations also include motor and gear type, speed controls, tubing material and size, spring loading, and the number of rollers and custom mounts.

Watson-Marlow, 220 Ballardvale St., Wilmington, MA 01887; FAX (508) 658-0041; www.watson-marlow.com.

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Pressure switch

A stainless-steel differential pressure switch uses a single set of process connections and eliminates the need for a separate differential pressure gauge, limit switch, and transmitter. The One Series Differential Pressure switch continuously monitors the status of its own health and reports it locally and remotely. The component permits adjustable set point and deadband, and offers an optional 4-20 mA analog signal for remote process trending.

United Electric Controls, Box 9143, Watertown, MA 02471; FAX (617) 926-2568.

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Pinch valves

RKL Series LHW Pinch Valves handle a wide range of flow media in wastewater applications, such as sludge, lime slurries, sewage, and corrosive chemicals. The handwheel-operated valve has a pre-pinched sleeve design and a positive opening feature. Other than routine operator stem lubrication, the product requires no maintenance. The elastomeric sleeve can be replaced easily, when needed.

Moyno Inc., Box 960, Springfield, OH 45501; FAX (973) 327-3177; www.moyno.com.

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Air pumps

Air pumps incorporate curved baffling chambers that reduce noise levels to less than 30 db at 3 ft. Larger models will pump to a depth of 6 ft and also feature a built-in needle valve control for precise adjustment of air flow. This line comes in a gray color and is available in flow rates of 50 to 400 (liter)/hr. Special expansion chambers absorb vibrations at the valve-block outlets.

Rena OEM Sales, 4425 Randolph Rd., Suite 215, Charlotte, NC 28211; FAX (704) 364-9272; www.renapump.com.

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Heat exchangers

Brazed-plate heat exchangers produce thermal efficiency while withstanding high pressures and temperatures. A special brazing process bonds together 316 stainless-steel plates, which feature a corrugated design for maximum turbulation and heat transfer in a small surface area. No bulky pressure-retaining parts are needed. The brazing process also eliminates the need for gasketed or rolled joints.

ITT Standard, Box 1102, Buffalo, NY 14240; FAX (716) 897-1777; www.ittstandard.com.

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