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January 17, 2000

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Pixel-counting sensor

The PresencePLUSTM pixel-counting sensor consists of a 512 x 384 CMOS pixel array with a programmable microprocessor, controller, lens, lighting, mounting bracket, and cable, all for a sale price under $1,700. It captures a 256-level grayscale image, converts it to black and white pixels, and compares the pixel count to the user-programmed upper and lower threshold values to render a pass or fail judgement.

Banner Engineering Corp., Box 9414, Minneapolis, MN 55441; FAX (612) 544-3213;

Integrated motion control

The MAX2000TM combines a motion controller and a driver (amplifier), featuring full distributed motion control for multi-axis servo control. The size of this controller/amp unit has been reduced to 3 x 8 x 2 inches, for 3 axes of 400W brushless motor control. It communicates by high-speed serial networks, and can be mounted in nearly any location, for a reduction in wiring and panel size, the manufacturer says.

Agile Systems, 440 Phillip St., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 5R9; FAX (519) 886-2075;

Motor sizing software

Visualsizer software optimizes the size of electrical motors for the most efficient use of components such as lead screws, timing belts, and gearboxes, so motion control engineers can save time and effort. The engineer can search its large database by entering the necessary components, parameters, and velocity profile. The database is generic, not limited to specific manufacturers' products.

Copperhill Technologies Corp., 6 University Dr. #211, Amherst, MA 01004; FAX (413) 587-9406.

Magnetic floats

LS-Series liquid level sensors are floats that activate reed switches when the water level changes, and then provide an output signal. Since they need no external power source, the magnetically operated sensors can be remotely placed to isolate the reed switch mechanically and electrically >1,000V dc, away from fluids. They can be made from polypropylene for use in water and dilute acids, or from polyamide for use in oil, petrol, and brake fluid.

MEDER Electronic Inc., 766 Falmouth Rd., Box 2207, Mashpee, MA 02649; FAX (508) 539-4088;


The Prep-Air II P3N is a one-inch modular filter/regulator/lubricator (FRL) for air preparation with 0.75- to 1.5-inch pipe sizes. Since it is modular, it can be removed from an installation without disturbing the plumbing; and it can be matched with port adapter plates. Extra options include: manual and automatic drains for filter bowl water; a robust piston design for the regulator; and non-rising, removeable regulator knobs to ensure tamper resistance.

Parker Hannifin, 6035 Parkland Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44124;

Needle threads

Needles use a helical thread design to lock each part securely to its syringe. The design employs a double-start, right-hand thread design, with the two starting points 180 degrees apart, creating a strong seal that will not unlock or rotate out. Designed for industrial, medical, electronic, or automotive applications, the thread fits into any connection.

Fishman Corp., 192 South St., Hopkinton, MA 01748; FAX (508) 435-2119.

MOSFET driver

The 2100RH, the latest in the company's radiation hardened (Rad Hard) power semiconductors, is a high-frequency, 100V, half-bridge, N-channel MOSFET driver IC. The device is a pin-to-pin replacement for industry standard 2110 types. The HS-2100RH delivers independently controlled low-side and high-side gate drivers, resulting, the company says, in maximum flexibility in dead time selection and driver protocol. Applications include harsh radiation environments such as space power systems.

Intersil Corp., 2401 Palm Bay Rd. NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905;


The True Surface Thermocouple (TST) is geared for measuring flat surface temperatures. The device's large-area isothermal measuring block is insulated from ambient airflow, which gives accuracy and repeatability of 1-2% (delta T). The company says this value is 1/16 the error of common "washer" style thermocouples. The removable, molded cover (0.44 inch wide by 0.25 inch high) readily fits into corners and other tight locations. TSTs install with a variety of common screw types. Applications range from semiconductor chambers to food preparation.

Watlow Gordon, 5710 Kenosha St., Richmond, IL 60071; FAX (815) 678-3961;

Hydrotest closure

This high-pressure hydrotest closure fits on the inside diameter of a pipe or tube, eliminating the need to weld or fabricate testing or flushing fixtures. Specially designed "grips" allow the unit to be manually installed with no tools, and as pressure increases, the grip forms a tighter seal. It is rated for temperatures from -65 to 250F, and for pressures to 7,000 psi.

Thaxton, 25 Leonberg Rd., Cranberry Twp., PA 16066; FAX (724) 776-6811;

DeviceNet module

With 1,024 bytes of buffer memory in each of two independent serial ports, the DRT21-232C module can transfer large amounts of data across a DeviceNet network without overloading it. The device enables communications among peripherals such as weigh scales, bar code readers, and machine-vision systems. The serial ports can be controlled individually and no setup programming is needed, according to the company.

Omron Electronics, 1 E. Commerce Dr., Ste. 250, Schaumburg, IL 60173; FAX (847) 843-7787.

Fastening, Joining & Assembly

Benjamin B. Ames, Associate Editor
For comments on fastening, joining & assembly contact Ben at [email protected]

Pick of the Issue

EMI shielding gaskets

The new mini-clip E93 is an EMI shielding gasket that is the newest addition to the Clipper Series of gaskets. Designed to fit sheet-metal flanges in the range of 0.018 to 0.129 inch, the gaskets are a non-abrasive alternative to beryllium copper fingerstock, conductive elastomers, and wire mesh. Also available in the Clipper Series are D-shape and Low Closing Force C-FoldTM profiles in various sizes, for applications demanding retention forces in high-shear and sliding situations where pressure-sensitive adhesive is not appropriate.

Schlegel Systems Inc., 1555 Jefferson Rd., Box 23197, Rochester, NY 14692-3197; FAX (716) 427-7216;

EMI gaskets

Gore-Shield(R) SMT gaskets are high-performance EMI shielding gaskets that can be installed with standard pick and place equipment, for applications in cell phones and other wireless applications. Rather than a continuous bead, the gaskets are a series of small GS 5200 pads which have a solderable shim attached, and are packaged in standard tape and reel format.

W.L. Gore & Associates, 750 Otts Chapel Rd., Newark, DE 19713; FAX (302) 737-2819.

Rotating component fastening device

The ShaftlocTM rotating component fastening device is designed to secure shaft mounted parts, such as pulleys, gears, and couplings, to unmachined inch and metric shafting. The product consists of two slotted sleeves, with the inner one threaded on the outside diameter, and the outer sleeve threaded on its inside diameter. The two sleeves create substantial torque when they are threaded into one another with a component placed between them.

Stock Drive Products, 2101 Jericho Tpk., Box 5416, New Hyde Park, NY 11042-5416; FAX (516) 326-8827;

Material slitter

The single-blade, hand-operated MagnaSlitter cuts a wide range of vinyls, mylars, reflectives, application tapes, and nonwovens. The product can cut large rolls of material to desired size. It features an air brake on the blade assembly, and an auto-increment function to eliminate manual measurement.

Contech, 1756 S. 151st Street West, Goddard, KS 67502; FAX (316) 722-2976;

Fiber termination units

FutureFlex(R) fiber termination units (FTUs) are available in wall-mount and rack-mount styles. They are designed to terminate optical fibers from air-blown fiber bundles, providing a transition point between that fiber infrastructure and fiber jumpers connected to servers, computers, or other network electronics.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Co., 78 Alexander Dr., Research Triangle Park, NC 27709;

Automotive welding laser

The AM Series is a class of modular high-power lasers that offer a range of 1 to 3.5 kW at the workpiece. The AM102 is designed for medium volume cutting, such as trimming hydroformed tubes and chassis/suspension parts. The AM153 is available with 400 or 600 micron diameter fiber optic beam, for trimming thicker sections. The AM203 is designed for medium-volume welding. And the AM356 is made for welding tailored blanks and body parts, with a maximum average power of 3,500W.

GSI Lumonics, 105 Schneider Rd., Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2K 1Y3;

Hot melt adhesives

The adhesive PROFORMTM 3690 is a 100% solid, single-component, ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) hot melt, with 21 CFR 175.105 FDA approval. It has an open time of 40 to 60 seconds, and high adhesion to substrates including paper, wood, plastics, rubbers, and metals, especially steel and aluminum. It is designed for general purpose industrial bonding, automotive assembly, low-cost potting, flooring construction, and carpet seaming.

Loctite, 1001 Trout Brook Crossing, Rocky Hill, CT 06067; FAX (860) 571-5465.

Lens bonding adhesive

OP-30 is an opto-mechanical assembly adhesive that cures in seconds on exposure to UV or visible light. With a modulus of elasticity of 2,500 psi, it eliminates strain while maintaining strong bonds to metal, glass, and plastics, and also features a high ionic purity for applications requiring low extractables, and opto-electronics.

Dymax Corp., 51 Greenwoods Rd., Torrington, CT 06790; FAX 860-482-1308;

Tube expander

The Model 995HD-1 tube expander is a heavy-duty unit, designed for expanding tubing up to 1.5 inches in diameter, or tubing with heavy wall thickness or tough durometer ratings. Pneumatically operated at up to 100 psi, it can expand PVC, polyurethane, vinyl, latex, silicone, rubber, and other elastomeric tubing.

Lakeview Equipment Inc., 2010-A Lehigh Ave., Glenview, IL 60025; FAX (847) 724-6129.

Battery holder

This low profile, surface mount, coin cell battery holder is designed for automated placement in SMT applications. It has a top-loading design for high-density PCB packaging, for use in computer memory, power transfer, back-up, notebook, and power system applications. It uses spring tension to ensure low contact resistance, and accepts all manufacturers 2032 coin cell lithium batteries. Solder tails are located outside the insulator material.

Keystone Electronics, 31-07 20th Rd., Astoria, NY 11105-2017; FAX (718) 956-9040;

Software Tools

Laurie Ann Toupin, Associate Editor
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Pick of the Issue

Event monitoring software

Event monitoring software combines hardware, software, and machine communications devices for a totally automated shop floor. This complete network application can be presented to any PC in your LAN, can collect sensor data in real time and maintain it for statistical analysis, and generate flexible reports. It is ODBC compliant, and works with Windows NT/95.

Greco Systems, 372 Coogan Way, El Cajon, CA 92020; FAX (619) 447-8982;

Frame grabber

Matrox Orion is a low-cost, color/monochrome AGP frame grabber with an integrated display. By using AGP's data transfer rates, it allows the design of rich user interfaces and faster graphics updates. It can capture standard analog composite and S-Video in NTSC/PAL formats, and composite RS-170/CCIR video formats. It also features discrete analog-to-digital converters and a separate trigger input.

Matrox Imaging, 1055 St. Regis Blvd., Dorval, Quebec, Canada H9P 2T4;

One-piece interface

These new one-piece interfaces on 1-mm pitch are available with a choice of board spacings including 1.65, 2.00, 5.8, and 9.9 mm. They provide low-cost board stacking and low-system costs by reducing the number of required components, and by processing one connector instead of two, the manufacturer says. They use Beryllium Copper (for the FSI Series) and Phosphor Bronze (for the SEI Series) contacts to provide high normal forces and a large contact deflection.

Samtec Inc., Box 1147, New Albany, IN 47151; FAX (812) 948-5047;


Rick DeMeis, Senior Editor
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A 'hardware store' for engineers

I've talked before about the ways Design News editors keep up with product developments, such as visits to and from vendor companies. Another way we find out the latest and greatest products and technologies by attending his era of the World Wide Web, perhaps one tends to dismiss the importance of such events. I've heard attendees say they can't wait for a show in order to find out about new products--they need information, and components, right away. While this may be true in the quest to faster time-to-market, tradeshows can still uniquely serve the design engineering effort in fostering creative designs. For example, at the WESCON show last fall in San Jose, I noticed during a time of slack floor traffic, that the ability to step up to various vendor booths to actually see and touch real products affords insight that virtual catalogs may not--things such as mounting nuances, surface finish, sealing, and operating mechanisms.

But perhaps the "hardware store" effect of a show is even more important. Years ago, I remember one engineer's advice if you're stuck on a design--go to the local hardware store and wander the aisles for ideas that may prod your brain. The tradeshow can serve the same purpose and provide mental fodder for future product design.

Similarly, keeping an alert mind can key you into innovations. Once when asked to design a quick disconnect for a massive wire bundle that had to function under either longitudinal or lateral force, the design solution came to me on the way to lunch--when I spotted an eyeglass tissue dispenser on the plant wall.

You never know where an idea will turn up.

Dc/dc converter

The ExcaliburTM series of 5 to 100W isolated and non-isolated dc/dc converters feature open frame housings, with the ability to mount the converter either vertically or horizontally. The horizontal converters can be configured through-hole or surface-mount, and the vertical style provides the smallest PC board footprint available, says the manufacturer. They also have synchronous rectification, and digitally programmable output voltage as low as 1.3V.

Power Trends, 27715 Diehl Road, Warrenville, IL 60555; FAX (630) 393-6902.

Operational amplifiers

The low-cost OPA551 and OPA552 are high-voltage, high-current operational amplifiers designed for power applications in telecommunications, audio, test and instrumentation, industrial control, and power supplies. Both products operate on supplies up to 60V and deliver up to 200 mA of drive current. Their integrated, single-chip design features a thermal shutdown indicator.

Burr-Brown, Box 11400, Tucson, AZ 85734; FAX (520) 746-7401;

Pressure switches

The Ashcroft(R) B Series switches and options are all designed for use in harsh environments. The pressure, differential pressure, and vacuum switches use two different standard actuators. The simple diaphragm-sealed piston provides high reliability for setpoints from 2 to 3,000 psi, while a large diaphragm is used for pressures from 4.5 to 150 inches H2O. And the vapor pressure system of temperature switches has a selection of sensing bulb and armored capillary lengths, featuring reliability of plus or minus 1% of setpoint.

Dresser Industries - Instrument Div., 250 E. Main St., Stratford, CT 06497.

Magnetic float-valve sensor

The magnetic float valve is an air sensor for detecting liquid level inside a vessel. As the float moves, it pivots a magnet, which actuates the external air valve through magnetic forces. The pneumatic sensor operates at air pressure from 30 to 100 psig, can be used with vented or non-vented vessels, be side-mounted or top-mounted, and has an actuation indicator on the three-way valve.

O'Keefe Controls, Box Q, Trumbull, CT 06611; FAX (203) 261-8331;

Fluid Power

Charles J. Murray, Senior Regional Technical Editor
For comments on fluid power, contact Charles at [email protected]

Cryogenic valve assemblies

Cryogenic valves, available as complete manifold assemblies, are designed for medical, telecommunications, and fiber optic industries. The SV95 Series is designed to accept the flow-control challenges of liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide. Because they are available as complete manifold assemblies, they can save building time and engineering costs. The SV95 Cryo Valves are available in eight different models with orifice sizes ranging from 3/64 to 1/4 inch and a C-range from 0.06 to 0.71 inch.

Valcor Engineering Corp., 2 Lawrence Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081; FAX (973) 467-8382;

Pick of the Issue

Industrial shock absorber

The Pick of the Issue is a new line of industrial shock absorbers designed to offer high-precision speed control. Made for applications requiring critically controlled movements, the PCS Series appeals to specialized industrial markets, such as drilling machinery. Its construction improves control of pneumatically driven devices, providing higher precision and repeatability of movement. The new models can handle up to 1,200 lb of propelling force and up to 725,000 in-lb of energy per hour. The units can also accept impact velocities of up to 20 inches/sec. Stroke lengths up to 2.36 inches are available in standard models.

Enidine Inc., 7 Centre St., Orchard Park, NY 14127; FAX (716) 662-1909.

Vacuum pump exhaust filters

Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters are specially designed to remove oil mist and smoke, and reduce the noise emitted by vacuum pumps. The filters remove heavy concentrations of extremely fine oil droplets (below 2 microns) from the vacuum pump exhaust, greatly reducing the chance of OSHA and EPA violations. The filters also protect chemical scrubbers from oil contamination, reducing of costly maintenance.

Whatman Inc., 100 Ames Pond Dr., Tewksbury, MA 01876; FAX (978) 858-0625.

Compact valves

The very compact Series 554 pneumatic three-way directional control valves save space, and offer long life and high reliability. The direct acting poppet valve has a flow rate of 0.022 Cv. The valves and manifolds can be purchased separately or as factory-assembled valve banks.

Mannesmann Rexroth - Mecman Div., 1953 Mercer Rd., Lexington, KY 40511; FAX (800) 489-4188.

Cylinder cushion option

The new adjustable cushion option on the Series SR/SRM helps control the deceleration of piston travel at the end of the cylinder stroke. The adjustable cushion acts as a built-in air metering device used to decelerate the cylinder piston near the end of the stroke. The cushion option prolongs cylinder life and provides smooth operating conditions. The cushions' needle adjustment screw is held captive for safe adjustment and will not blow out under pressure.

Parker Hannifin, 6035 Parkland Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44124.

Hydraulic linear actuators

Stand-alone hydraulic linear actuators, known as M-Mac, require no separate power and no hydraulic installation. Motors are available in common ac and dc voltages for ac-inverter or dc-SCR motor controllers. The actuators have variable acceleration and deceleration, through motor control and hydraulic valving, to provide smooth raising and lowering characteristics.

M-Mac Linear Actuators Inc., 3715 Norwood Ave., North Vancouver, BC V7N 3P8 Canada; FAX 604-980-0732.

Vacuum device

Shaped like a writing instrument, the VTB Air Pincette vacuum pad/valve is designed for manual assembly of miniature parts--especially electronic components. The Air Pincette includes a built-in valve for reduced noise. Because air flows only during operation, energy-saving performance is achieved. Specifications include a pressure range of 21.3 psi to 100 psi, a rated supply pressure of 71.1 psi, and a final vacuum of -25.6 inches of Hg.

Pisco USA, 2228 Landmeier Rd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007; FAX (847) 427-1318.

Air-control valve

The F5 Series Valve features a sealing system that extends the life of the valve and provides customers with easy connection, and reduced wiring time and labor. The plug-in, base-mounted air control valve is ideal for machine tool, assembly, material handling, packaging and general automation equipment applications.

Parker Hannifin Corp., 8676 East M-89, Richland, MI 49083.

Plastics, Metals & Other Materials

Joseph Ogando, Regional Materials Editor
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Pick of the Issue

Multi metal stripper

GardostripTM is a fast-acting, methylene chloride-free paint stripper that strips in sheets and works on ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces, including aluminum. It works at 100 to 180F, which is lower and simpler to operate than traditional methylene chloride and hot alkaline strippers. It strips almost every paint system, including tough military, aerospace, and marine paints, and two-part powder systems.

Oakite Products Inc., 50 Valley Rd., Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922; FAX (908) 464-4658;


BayScape colorants add year-round color to ordinary, wooden landscape mulch. They are available in 11 standard colors, which can be color-matched to produce shades. They are consistently high in pigment solids for greater tinting strength and lower cost. They resist fading in sunlight, washing with rain and snow, and are not considered hazardous wastes under RCRA.

Bayer, 100 Bayer Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15205-9741;

Color concentrates

The Colorguard Low Smoke Color Concentrates are designed for use in wire and cable applications using plenum cable. They are available in stock from 10 standard colors, including white and black, and are used in Let Down Ratios of 1 to 3%.

Newline Color Inc., 20 Authority Dr., Fitchburg, MA 01420; FAX (978) 345-5141.


The new DryLin(R) TKM bearing features a split housing made of two polymer halves. With low cost and low weight, it is designed for applications that do not require the stiffness of metal housings, such as low radial load uses, and for applications demanding vibration-dampening properties. Both the housing and bearing can be removed without removing the shaft, avoiding long maintenance downtime.

igus inc., Box 14349, East Providence, RI 02914; FAX (401) 438-7270;

Heat shrinkable tubing

This adhesive-lined polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing provides a watertight seal for labeling, bundling, and protecting wire, cable, rope, pipe, and tubing. It is flexible and comes in 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratios. The tubing features an adhesive which flows and sets, to create a barrier against oils, most chemicals, and water. It is available hot-stamp printed or plain, in sizes from 1/8 to 2 inches I.D. (expanded), and in lengths from 1/8 inch to 4 ft.

Nelco Products Inc., 22 Riverside Dr., Pembroke, MA 02359; FAX (781) 826-7344.

Powder coating modifier

Designed to improve heat resistance and weatherability when used as a binder resin in liquid systems or powder coatings, 1-0619 Resin is a 100% silicone formulation. It can be used with either solvent-based silicone resins to reduce VOCs, or in solvent-based organic systems to enhance physical properties. In maintenance paints, colored baking enamels, or decorative finishes, it provides adhesion, thermal stability, and finish retention, the manufacturer says.

Dow Corning, Box 994, Midland, MI 48686-0994; FAX (517) 496-8026;

Power Transmission & Motion Control

John Lewis, Regional Technical Editor
For comments on power transmission & motion control, contact John at [email protected]

Pick of the Issue

Brushless motors

These autoclavable brushless motors are designed for medical and harsh environments. Based on ironless rotor technology, they combine no-cogging, high-acceleration dynamics with powerful rare earth magnet systems. They are produced with high-temperature plastics, proprietary lubrication systems, and protected coils to resist even live-steam autoclave conditions. They have been tested up to 134C, with water vapor pressure up to 2.1 bar.

MicroMo Electronics, 14881 Evergreen Ave., Clearwater, FL 33762; FAX 727 573 5918;

High-rotor-inertia motors

The B Series motors are specifically designed for applications requiring heavier rotor inertia to optimize servo performance. The motors are available with a resolver accurate to plus or minus 20 arc minutes and come in nine sizes ranging from 380 to 5,600W. All sizes have a rated speed of 3,000 rpm and a maximum speed of 4,000 rpm. Motors with heavy rotor inertia are suitable for direct drive or toothed timing belt drive applications, eliminating the cost of a precision gearbox. Built with ceramic magnets rather than rare earth magnets, they are more cost effective than standard IIS Delta motors.

Industrial Indexing Systems, 626 Fishers Run, Victor, NY 14564; FAX (716) 924-2169;

Hollow-shaft speed reducer

Miniature harmonic drive speed reducer with large through hole allows passing shafts, wire bundles, or other components directly through the center of the gearing. The SHF-14-2UH units offer a compact design with an integral cross roller bearing for rigid support of the output flange. The design is both axially shorter and lower in weight, yet provides increased torque capacity when compared to conventional harmonic drive gearing. Units measure 53 mm in length and 74 mm in diameter, yet provide for a hollow haft I.D. of 14 mm.

HD Systems Inc., 89 Cabot Ct., Hauppauge, NY 11788; FAX (516) 231-6803.

Stepper/servo brakes

FEB is a failsafe, or power-off brake, specifically designed to be mounted on the front end of stepper or servomotors as an added safety feature or for holding the load in place. The brake holds the load like a "parking brake" or can be designed to stop the load when the power is shut off. Available in NEMA 23 and 34 sizes, the compact, powerful and cost-efficient brake is targeted at such applications as office and factory automation, material handling, robotics.

Electroid Corp., 45 Fadem Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081; FAX (973) 467-2606;

Microstepping drive

The new Whisper drive is a compact, microstepping, constant current drive designed for bipolar, subfractional horsepower, can-stack stepper motors. It incorporates a microstepping controller and runs off a single power supply. With eight microsteps per full step, it smoothes out cogging and reduces audible noise.

Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc., 1500 Meriden Rd., Waterbury, CT 06705; FAX (727) 573-5918;

Positioning stages

The PL series of precision direct drive positioning stages have X/Y travel to over 300mm, rotation to over 360 degrees, and vacuum compatibility to 10-7 torr. Its piezo electric linear motors provide direct drive motion and in-position stability to better than 20 nm. Closed loop feedback is achieved with direct readout linear encoders with servo control.

Anorad Corp., 110 Oser Ave., Hauppauge NY 11788; FAX (516) 435-1612;

Cleanroom-certified stage

Third party particle tests certify the 350 x 350 mm Triathlon X-Y stage for clean room applications. Pentagon Technologies identified 27 test points on the stage for evaluation, and measured each three times after the stage was cleaned and placed in a measured Class 1 environment. Six points along the Y-axis rails and five points along the X-axis rail were measured for particle generation. The Y-axis analysis yielded results well within Federal Standard 209E Class 1 limits. The X-axis testing results fell well within the Class 10 cleanliness guidelines, with some particles being generated in the 0.1 to 1.0 micron range. The overall performance of the standard Trialthlon Series X-Y stage is compatible to well below Class 10 environment.

Dover Instrument Corp., 200 Flanders Rd., Westboro, MA 01581; FAX (508) 366-9774.

Power Transmission & Motion Control

Karen Auguston Field, Executive Editor
For comments on power transmission & motion control, contact Karen at [email protected]

Ball bearings

The DODGE E-Z KLEEN polymer-housed ball bearing line features a new insert with a patent-pending coating for high corrosion resistance and low maintenance, say the developers. The new inserts are housed in a solid polymer designed to meet FDA and USDA standards for incidental food contact. Fiberglass strands improve the stiffness of the base resin for a durable housing.

Rockwell Automation, 6040 Ponders Court, Greenville, SC 29615; FAX (864) 281-2433;

Linear positioning stages

Linear positioning stages use crossed rollers for smoothness and accuracy. For high positioning accuracy, V-ways are machined directly into the base and slide members to precise tolerances. Preloading is accomplished with a spring that is integral to the base. Rollers are measured and selected for each specific application.

Anorad Corp, 110 Oser Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788; FAX (516) 435-1612;

Linear rail system

Linear rail system uses a patented ball bearing drive pulley and tensioning device that are matched to the belt. This design provides positioning accuracy with near-zero backlash over the length of the rail system, says the manufacturer. Mounting plates are available for a range of motion control packages, or the unit is available with an integrated control package. Applications include laboratory, electronics assembly, food processing, packaging, medical, and aerospace.

Belt Technologies Inc., 11 Bowles Rd. Box 468, Agawam, MA 01001-0468; FAX (413) 789-2786;

Clutch and brake motor

Compact precision motor features an internal clutch and brake for use with a custom gearhead in 11 gear ratios ranging from 3.6:1 to 180:1. The quick response unit features up to 100 starts/stops per minute and is available in output powers of 40, 60, and 90W, with a frame size of 3.54 sq inches. Input power is single-phase 110/115V ac, 60 Hz. Applications include operations involving frequent starting and stopping, as well as positioning, indexing, jogging, and intermittent feeding.

Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp., 2580 W. 237th St., Ste. 102, Torrance, CA 90505; FAX (310) 325-4146;

Test, Measurement, & Control

Jean Young Gonzalez, Western Regional Editor

Pick of the Issue

Photoelectric control

The HPK Series photoelectric control is a self-contained thin amplifier, at 25 x 23 x 5 mm. Its symmetrical design allows it to be surface mounted in four directions, making it appropriate for electronic applications demanding high-speed, subminiature photoelectrics in flat package. Uses may include electronic components detection, mail sorting, and small parts handling. It is available as a through-scan pair (emitter/receiver) with a typical response time of 1 msec.

Honeywell - Micro Switch Div., 11 W. Spring St., Freeport, IL 61032; FAX (815) 235-5988;

Single-board computer

The PCM-9570 is a half-size, single-board computer that uses a low-profile Socket 370 connector and a 500 MHz Celeron(R) processor. Designed to handle image processing and other graphics-intensive applications, it incorporates a 64-bit 3D graphics engine and a Trident VGA chip with up to 4 MB of frame buffer, supplemented with a 22 accelerated graphics port, an optional PanelLink, and sockets for up to 256 MB of small outline DIMM memory.

Advantech Technologies Inc., 15375 Barranca Pkwy., Suite A-106, Irvine, CA 92618; FAX (949) 789-7179;

Counters and timers

The Veeder-Root MicroMITE Series are sub-miniature counters, timers, and panel meters, featuring terminals for panel and circuit board mounting, and a remote reset input. They are designed for applications in medical and scientific devices, small machinery, office equipment, and electrical monitors. They come in three sizes: 17.5 x 27 mm, 21 x 47 mm, and 24 x 48 mm.

Danaher Controls, 1675 Delany Rd., Gurnee, IL 60031; FAX (847) 662-6633;

Proximity sensor

The Q10S proximity sensor features a corner-mounted LED display that is visible from any direction, and a recessed cable compartment for wall-flush mounting. The sensor measures 10.2 x 16 x 28 mm, so it is appropriate for applications in valve position sensing, clamp detection on robotic arms, and cam detection. In addition, the Q10S has a 2-mm sensing range with repeatability of less than 2% of rated operating distance.

Turck Inc., 3000 Campus Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55441; FAX (612) 553-0708;

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