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November 5, 2001

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The LCI 360 Inclinometer is designed with a torsion flexure suspension to provide low hysteresis at low frequencies. Made to operate in temperatures from -55 to 85C, the LCI has a 3-ft drop shock rate and a -60 to 90C survival temperature range. Unit has an input range of plus or minus 14.5 degrees to 90 degrees . Applications include high-accuracy, low-shock environments, such as antenna orientation, lab testing, machine tool leveling, and geophysical movement.

Jewell Instruments LLC,

Enter 595

Motion simulator

The SPiiPlus Simulator, used with the company's SPiiPlus line of multi-axis motion controllers, reportedly eliminates the need for additional hardware in developing and debugging programs. Compatible with Windows 98/NT/2000, the Simulator is intended to be used for technical support, and to improve time to market, without a physical link to the motion controller.


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Ball valve

Triad Series 3-Piece ball valve comes in full and standard port models, used in high pressure, high temperature, high cycle, and severe service industries. The full port Model FP ball valve is available in .25- through 2-inch sizes and with 2200 psi WOG bidirectional pressure rating; the standard port Model SP ball valve measures .75- through 2.50- inches, at 1,500 psi WOG pressure rating. Triad model temperatures range from -100 to 650F.


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Dc motors

Designed to improve reliability by reducing cogging and resin-impregnated windings, the LO-COG(R) 26-mm brush-commutated dc motors are used in medical and office-automation equipment applications. Available in three lengths, the motors reach speeds of 9,000 rpm, continuous torque of 3.17 oz-inch, and peak torque of 20 oz-inch. Audible and electrical noise is reportedly reduced with a cartridge brush assembly.


Enter 598

Wire saddle

Standoff Micro Wire Saddle (SMWS), suited for optical fiber or routing wires, is available in two different panel thicknesses and features a wire insertion area in the top side of the saddle to reduce abrasion. Wires or fibers are spaced above the board's components, while the "micro" feature allows for small-space applications.


Enter 599

LCD controller/companion chip

The S1D13A05, intended for handhelds and embedded applications, is the company's third embedded memory companion chip, complete with 320 x 320 resolution display and up to 65,536 color depths. It features an LCD graphics controller with a USB controller and an embedded 256 kb SRAM display buffer. The chip interfaces with microprocessors such as Hitachi SH-4/SH-3, Motorola M68xxx series, and Dragonball series.

Epson Electronics America Inc.,

Enter 600


ILC 200 IB controller, in INLINE I/O form factor, is a DIN-rail-mountable, stand-alone programmable controller made to control a complete INTERBUS I/O System. Featuring two high-speed outputs and four integrated, high-speed digital inputs, it also has a modular INLINE I/O design that allows users to choose the exact I/O amount.

Phoenix Contact,

Enter 601

Spring washers

Polysorb spring washers feature low moisture absorbency and high resistance to weak acids, fuel, dilute alkalis, and lubricants, according to the company. A spring power of 1,160 psi allows polysorb plate springs to operate in 175F temperature. Requiring no lubrication, the washers reportedly do not lose memory when a load is added in an axial direction.

igus Inc.,

Enter 602

Conveyor drive

The Dodge Quantis now has a screw conveyor option for its motorized shaft-mount and right-angle helical bevel units in size 38-88. The conveyor can be directly coupled to the motor and to the C-face reducer. Use of an integral gear motor with the conveyor option is said to provide additional space savings. Package combinations are available in ratios from 4.83:1 to 350:1.

Rockwell Automation,

Enter 603

Tool builder

Build!IT 2.0 provides a common, real-time interactive interface to leading portable CMM and laser tracker hardware systems. It includes nearly one hundred enhancements for display productivity, file import/export, hardware device support, part to measured data alignment, point-cloud analysis, and reverse engineering for surfaces. Build!IT also supports additional file formats such as STL and annotated graphical inspection reports can be exported in Adobe PDP format.

Maya Metrix;

Enter 604

Power supply

The HyC42-4 power supply provides four-axis control along with the 3.5A/Ph driver modules to form a complete step-motor-based motion control system. By operating from a 24V ac source, the system can be simplified to a 24V transformer. The power supply is customizable to suit OEM applications or programmable as a stand alone control system.

Cyberpak Co.,

Enter 605

Adhesive diagnostic cards

Polystyrene and polyester pressure-sensitive adhesive diagnostic cards-including Arcare(R) 9020, Arcare 9021, and Arcare 8565-are designed to limit creep into membrane and interference with flow in the medical products industry. The pre-cut medical-grade acrylic cards, coated onto rigid film backings, are intended to offer strong initial tack and high peel. Adhesives are also said to eliminate gumming during die-cutting process.

Adhesives Research Inc.,

Enter 606

Planetary gearhead

The 0.75-inch diameter planetary gearhead for speed control or torque multiplication offers 20 different ratios from 4.4:1 to 4,592:1. Maximum continuous torque is up to 42 oz-inches and 63 oz-inches on an intermittent basis. Maximum axial load is 1.8 lbs with a recommended input speed less than 6,000 rpm. Operating temperatures range from 5 to 149F.

Maxon Precision Motors,

Enter 607

Graphics source code

A free graphics program now available for download speeds the display of 3D models as the model changes position. Called sLIB, short for "surface library," the software is de-signed for use with the Irix operating system, but programmers can compile the code for use with other operating systems such as Windows. sLIB converts NURBS on the fly into a small number of well-placed triangles that are then displayed quickly, increasing the display time.

Johns Hopkins University,

Enter 608

Drain valve

A ball-type bibb faucet drain valve gives positive on and off flow control with a quarter turn. Designated the 35-300 Series, it is available in .50- and .75-inch sizes. The 1/2-inch model provides a combination sweat and threaded inlet connector. The standard connection for the .75-inch valve is NPT threaded. The 35-300 Series can withstand pressures of 125 psig and operating temperatures of 250F.

Conbraco Industries Inc.,

Enter 609

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