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July 17, 2000

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New Literature

Reservoir accessories

This company has added reservoir accessories to its existing line of fluid filtration, purification, and condition monitoring equipment. The UCC acquisition included reservoir air breathers, suction strainers, and fluid level and temperature gauges. Suggested uses range from mobile to industrial applications. Specifications, benefits, part numbers for various styles of each unit, and diagrams are included in the brochure. Additionally, information on the company's aerospace, fluid connectors, hydraulics, automation, seal, and instrumentation groups is also included.

Parker Hannifin, 8940 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060-2186; FAX (800) 892-1008;

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Real-time control

LabVIEW(TM)RT is designed to allow users to create real-time applications and programs in a familiar Microsoft Windows environment. The control code is downloaded to run deterministically on dedicated real-time hardware. The brochure contains information on rapid development, reliable execution, and industry-standard tools, and also describes how the programs run independently on the company's RT hardware. Software and hardware specifications and ordering information are included.

National Instruments, 11500 N. Mopac Expwy., Austin, TX 78759-3504; FAX (512) 683-9300;

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These couplings feature an "easy-to-use" thumb latch for quick disconnects, and an audible click to verify a secure, leak-free connection. Suggested applications include general bioprocessing, and medical device, semiconductor, and food and beverage industries. Five new product lines described in the catalog are: APC Series, 1/4 inch flow acetal couplings; ChemQuik(TM)CQH06 polypropylene 3/8 inch flow series; Universal Dispensing Coupler; SST Series in 1/8 or 1/4 inch flow; and FL Series in 3/8 and 5/8 inch flow.

Colder Products Co., 2982 Cleveland Ave., Roseville, MN 55113; FAX (651) 645-5404;

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I/O extensions

These PLC interface cables and multi-purpose Interface Modules for wiring sensors and actuators are designed to save connection time while simplifying and eliminating cabling errors between PLC cards and interface modules. Some other reported advantages include reduced space requirements over standard terminal blocks and simplified set-up with clearly arranged wiring and marking. The catalog includes options and specifications and explains how the products add functions such as I/O monitoring by LED, fuse protection, and electrical isolation via disconnects.

Wago Corp., N120 W19129, Freistadt Rd. Box 1015, Germantown, WI 53022; FAX (414) 255-3232;

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Timing belt drives

With reported protection against corrosion, and a hardened, torque-resistant aluminum housing, AZ Timing Belt Drives are suggested for positioning, sequencing, and other linear movement applications. The drives incorporate a steel-reinforced neoprene belt that reportedly retains its shape over extended, heavy-duty use. T-slots integrated into the carrier sections are intended to provide application flexibility. The catalog contains product selection information, as well as specifications for load and nominal operational life and accessories.

Amacoil Inc., 2100 Bridgewater Rd., Aston, PA 19014; FAX (610) 485-2357;

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This company performs die-casting for automotive and other critical applications. Their "Precision Die Castings & Components" guide covers the company's complete turnkey service for users of high volume die cast parts. Pages are devoted to design of the part, design and production of the tooling required, the die casting process, and assembly of the die-castings into complete power train modules or related parts.

Global Metal Technologies Inc., GMTI Solon Technical Center 29125 Hall St., Solon, OH 44139; FAX (440) 519-7002;

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The iChip(TM)is reported to be the world's first stand-alone hardware-based Internet-ready IC. It is designed to allow web browsing, e-mail, and networking to be added to consumer or commercial devices inexpensively. The brochure also contains information on the company's hardware and Software Development Kit (SDK). The self-contained SDK should contain everything a design engineer needs to quickly add Internet functionality and networking ability to any project.

Seiko Instruments USA, 2990 W. Lomita Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505; FAX (909) 975-5699;

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These zinc die-cast industrial products include wing nuts, cap nuts, panel nuts, rings, conduit lock nuts, pipe plugs, access panel latches, and fiber optic connectors. Published information includes product descriptions, part numbers, sizes, and shipping weight. The advantages of zinc die-casting are also presented in the catalog together with examples of screw machined and stamped parts successfully converted to zinc die-casting.

Dynacast, 1401 Front St., Yorktown Heights, NY 10598; FAX (914) 245-9048;

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Linear pump

Built to work with several of the company's fluid dispensing platforms, the DP-3000 Series Linear Pump is designed to provide high throughput dispensing for flip chip underfill, IC encapsulation, thermal materials, and die attach adhesives. With few wetted parts and built-in quick-release mechanisms, the DP-3000 is intended to offer fast, easy maintenance. The datasheet features an overview of the technology behind the second-generation linear pump.

Asymtek, 2762 Loker Ave. W., Carlsbad, CA 92008-6603; FAX (760) 431-2678; www.

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Uni-form(TM)epoxy preforms are designed to provide a simple method for sealing or potting electromechanical components. They are one-part epoxy resins that are solid at room temperature. When heated, they melt and cure, forming a consistent seal that reportedly protects components from dust, moisture, oil, flux, industrial cleaning solvents, conformal coatings, and other contaminants. The brochure contains an overview of standard and custom epoxy preform applications and product specifications.

Multi-Seals Inc., 540 N. Main St., Manchester, CT 06040; FAX (860) 643-5669;

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Digital test instruments

This PC compatible 1.44 Mbyte diskette catalog features more than 40 VXI products for digital testing including several high-performance stimulus/response subsystems, pattern generators, pulse generators, digital I/O modules, and test development software. The catalog runs in most popular Windows environments and contains hyperlinks to other topics. Price, specifications, ordering, and tutorial information is also included.

Interface Technology, 300 S. Lemon Creek Dr. Suite A, Walnut, CA 91789; FAX (909) 595-7177;

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Electrical fittings

These electrical fittings include molded nylon strain relief bushings, plugs, and snap bushings. The "Solution Selector" catalog features technical data and product highlights, as well as installation tools and tips. Part number and prefix indexes allow specific parts to be located.

Heyco Products Inc., 1800 Industrial Way N. Box 517, Toms River, NJ 08755; FAX (732) 244-8843;

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Belt drive system

Built around their TAPER-LOCK bushings, the HT200 Synchronous Belt Drive System is reported to be the company's most power-dense system, offering a clean, compact, cost-efficient solution to power transmission problems. The latest generation of belts in the DODGE line, it should provide horsepower ratings 200% greater than conventional HTD drives with all the benefits of synchronous belt drive systems. The brochure provides system highlights and a sidebar on synchronous drive noise.

Rockwell Automation, 6040 Ponders Ct., Greenville, SC 29615; FAX (216) 738-3817;

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Ac/dc and dc/dc

This power supply catalog features 13 ac/dc switcher families with output power ranging from 250 to 5,000W and four high power-density dc/dc converter module families with output power from 20 to 156W. Power densities are up to 11 W/inch 3for ac/dc switchers and up to 25 W/inch 3for dc/dc converter modules. The ac/dc switchers are both single- and multi-output units and are also available in five families of hot-swappable versions. The catalog includes a selection guide for all products and a brief description of the company's custom power solutions.

Unipower Corp., 3900 Coral Ridge Dr., Coral Springs, FL 33065; FAX (954) 340-7901; www.unipower-corp.

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"Programming the Motorola M68HC12 Family" is a book that is intended to provide all the information programmers need to successfully build an application using the microcontroller family. Written from the programmer's point of view, it comes with a CD-ROM that contains all the sample code provided throughout the book, as well as demo versions of software required to program the family.

Annabooks, 11838 Bernardo Plaza Ct., San Diego, CA 92128; FAX (619) 673-1432;

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Because these bushings are not counterbored, they are reported to support the drill for the entire length of the bushing, permitting more precise holes and extending bushing life, compared to traditionally counterbored bushings. The catalog has most types of bushings necessary for the metalworking industry. Both inch and metric products are detailed, and a section on selection and installation tips is also included.

Acme Industrial Co., 441 Maple Ave., Carpentersville, IL 60110; FAX (847) 428-1820;

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Pneumatic programmable control

Designed with step-by-step instructions to assist in designing pneumatic programmable control systems. Advantages over air valves used as controls and electrical relay controls are highlighted. It also includes an overview of the basic operation of a pneumatic programmable controller, detailed set-up instructions, product descriptions, and an application story.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, 7390 Colerain Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45239; FAX (513) 521-4464;

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Carton and pallet flow storage

Carton flow storage reportedly provides tailor-made solutions for virtually every storage requirement and FIFO rotation of goods. The product line accommodates bins and cartons up to 66 lbs, and larger boxes, container, and plastic totes up to 220 lbs. Pallet flow storage systems provide maximum space utilization within the storage cube. The systems include: wide roller, pushback, narrow roller, steel, and polycarbonate wheels to handle a wide variety of pallet types. The brochure includes engineering drawings and application examples of the systems in warehousing and distribution facilities.

Interroll Corp., 3000 Corporation Dr., Wilmington, NC 28405; FAX (910) 392-3822;

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Ultrasonic level transmitter

The 505-2400 series two-wire UniversalSonic(TM)level transmitter is available as a "smart" transmitter with HART(R)protocol. It has a measuring range of 30 ft and is recommended for use in explosion-hazard areas. The unit can be configured using HART communications or integral switches, without power, at the vessel or in the shop. It can be completely set up before placing the unit in a hazardous area. The brochure describes features as well as standard specifications for sensors and electronics.

Drexelbrook Engineering, 205 Keith Valley Rd., Horsham, PA 19044; FAX (215) 674-2731;

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Manufactured to customer requirements, these check/relief valves are constructed from one-piece housings and operate at pressures to 3,000 and 6,000 psi. Various cracking pressures, metal to metal or soft seats, are reported to provide leak-free performance with low-pressure drop sizes. Offered in 1/4 and 2 inch steel, stainless steel, and brass. The brochure contains product curve graphs for each unit.

Fluid Line Products Inc., 38273 Western Pkwy. Box 1000, Willoughby, OH 44096; FAX (440) 946-9472;

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Electronic packaging

These electronic packaging products fall into four major groups: elastomeric connectors where space is at its most limited, offering up to 500 conductors per inch and reported reliability at temperatures as low as 60C; thermal management components, to enhance the cooling and performance of sensitive electronics; shielding, to reduce radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference; and custom silicone rubber extrusions, including gaskets and seals that can be color coded. The catalog contains full specifications for each product.

Fujipoly America Corp., 365 Carnegie Ave., Kenilworth, NJ 07033-0679; FAX (908) 298-1232;

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Gas analyzer

The Titan Gas Analyzer system for real-time analysis of multiple compounds consists of an I-series FTIR Spectrometer, a permanently aligned, corrosion-resistant metal gas cell, and the AutoQuant software package. The optical and electronic components are hermetically sealed in a cast aluminum chassis for thermal stability and protection from damaging exposures. Gas cells with path lengths from 1 cm to 100M are mounted externally for easier access. Four different systems are outlined in the brochure.

Midac Corp., 17911 Fitch Ave., Irvine, CA 92614; FAX (949) 660-9334;

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Position control

SensorlesServo(TM)Position Control 2.0 is an addition to the IndexBlok(TM)family of servodrives. It reportedly supports complex motion profiles and contains new software for easier set up and configuration. The motor sensor has been replaced with software that resolves the motor, while rotating, into high-resolution position feedback. A standard PID servo algorithm acts on the position information to control torque, regulate speed, and control position. The brochure contains specifications and interconnect diagrams.

Semipower Systems Inc., 2350 Griffin Oaks Suite 500, Hillboro, OR 97124; FAX (503) 681-8952;

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This addition of the GPM, the company's pump manual/catalog, is available on CD-ROM. It contains 110 models and includes both 50 and 60 Hz performance curves. The catalog is indexed by pump model, type, and application for easier navigation. Other popular models from other industrial brands, such as A-C Pump, Richter, and Vogel, are also available.

ITT Industries, 240 Fall St., Seneca Falls, NY 13148; FAX (315) 568-2418.

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Servo amplifiers

More than 80 servo amplifiers for driving brush, brushless, and linear motors are described in this catalog and application manual. The company's DSP-based digital servo amplifiers, which are intended to benefit from the precision and versatility of software control, is also introduced. Twenty high-power bipolar dc amplifiers for energizing new and emerging technologies are also covered.

Copley Controls, 410 University Ave., Westwood, MA 02090; FAX (781) 329-4055;

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Planetary gearheads

This planetary gear technology was designed for the company's AlphaStep series of stepping motor and driver packages with built-in feedback devices. The gearhead incorporates newly developed technology to obtain backlash of 3 arc minutes or less. This is a reported major increase in precision when compared to conventional planetary gears with typical backlash of 20 arc minutes. The guide describes six gear ratios ranging from 5:1 to 50:1, available in combination with the AlphaStep 2.36 and 3.54 inch 2motor models.

Oriental Motor Corp., 2570 W. 237th St. Suite 102, Torrance, CA 90505; FAX (310) 325-4146;

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Pump sizing

The series 500 "dia-PUMPS" features check valves which are removable for cleaning without disconnecting piping. With capacities to 80-gph simplex and 160-gph duplex, they are reported to handle pressures up to 3,000 psi and are adjustable through 100% of their operating range. The brochure also provides information to aid in sizing metering pumps and planning metering pumps installations to help avoid common pitfalls.

Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc., Box 247, Lansdale, PA 19047; FAX (215) 699-0370;

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