Miniature Ball Valve for Mixing and Diverting

DN Staff

March 15, 2011

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Miniature Ball Valve for Mixing and Diverting

BeswickEngineering's new MBVMDminiature ball valve offers compact size, light weight and suitability forapplications up to 250 psig. "It is one of the smallest in the industry, it is verycompact and allows for both mixing and diverting," says Mary-Jo Keenan,applications engineer with Beswick Engineering. "Designers are always lookingfor something smaller, and this valve has good performance in a small package."

Unlikeother ball valves which claim to be miniature, the MBVMD is truly a miniaturedesign offering 10-32 ports in a 0.75 x 0.71 x.35 inch package. Since it offersmixing and diverting service, it can often take the place of two or morecompeting valves. With an installed height just under .75 inch and weighing 0.50 oz,the MBVMD aids designers in applications where space and weight are limited.The 10-32 UNF inlet and outlet ports are compatible with a wide range offittings.

Thedesign has O-ring seals throughout for high performance and long life. StandardO-ring materials include Nitrile (Buna-N), EPDM and Viton. Manufactured in 303or 316 stainless steels, with a variety of available seal materials, this valvehas corrosion resistance and is compatible with a variety of fluid andtemperature settings.

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