Kaman Precision Products' DAQ-JACK KDAQ200+

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April 10, 2010

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Kaman Precision Products' DAQ-JACK KDAQ200+

The KDAQ200+ is the first in a new line of products that make it easierto use analog sensor products with USB interfaces. The KDAQ200+ hastwo high resolution differential AD inputs along with a thermocouple input forreading the sensors and allowing the user to compensate for thermal effects onthe transducers. However, what puts the plus in the KDAQ200+ ishow it uses the USB power to derive a clean programmable +/-5V to +/-24V supplyvoltage that can be used to power legacy sensor systems. Using the KDAQ200+ andthe supplied software, engineers can quickly connect up sensor systems andbegin logging data immediately. The KDAQ200+ essentially "USBenables" analog transducer systems such that the power supply, dataacquisition, and logging functions are in a clean integrated package. This allows engineers to use battery powered laptops and notebooks directlywith analog transducers with no need for external supplies to powerthem. Because the supply can supply a bipolar voltage it can workwith many legacy transducers. The additional thermocouple input alsoallows the user to evaluate and deal with environmental effects. There aremany USB data loggers and acquisition systems on the market. What makesthis product different is that it also acts as a programmable bipolar powersupply completely powered by the USB port. This allows an analogtransducer to truly become "USB enabled" where the unit is powered by the USBport and data collected over the USB port. With notebook PC's becomingubiquitous it makes it easy and low cost to set up for data logging.

For more information: http://www.kamansensors.com/html/products/pdf/KDAQ200_USB_Data_Acquisition.pdf

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