Handheld Scanner Digitizes 3-D Surfaces

DN Staff

April 1, 2010

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Handheld Scanner Digitizes 3-D Surfaces

The ZScanner(R) 700 platform is the first handheld, self-positioning scanner on the market that could digitize 3-D surfaces in real time. It captures surface information in full 24-bit color, rendering the complete picture of an object, not just the geometry.

Users can scan any object in tight spaces. Conventional scanners require multiple setups with fixed-position tripods, mechanical arms or external positioning devices that must be aimed and re-aimed directly at target surfaces. The ZScanner 700 also captures information in a single reference model, meaning users do not need to invest time or risk errors in tedious post-processing to stitch multiple scans into one.

Color 3-D data enables more realistic and informative 3-D visualization and concept models, making the ZScanner 700 CX ideal for Web applications, as well as product design and reverse engineering. The ZScanner 700 CX color scanner creates the first full-color scan-to-print solution when combined with Z Corp.'s 3-D printers, which print in multiple colors. ZPrinters create physical models directly from ZScanner data, or any 3-D data, just as 2-D printers create documents from word-processing text.

Texture maps can be saved separately from the mesh, meaning users can modify or refine the texture in photo-editing software without compromising accuracy. Flexible resolution during scanning lets users reduce resolution to obtain a lighter-weight file or smoother surface appearance. For more information, go tohttp://designnews.hotims.com/27742-535.

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