Gates' DraftguardTM Anti-Rotation Device

DN Staff

April 10, 2010

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Gates' DraftguardTM Anti-Rotation Device

Air-cooled heat exchanger (ACHE) drives can spin backwards when fansare off but subjected to air movement across the fan blades. This is known asback-drafting or wind-milling and can be dangerous. Technicians are often inclose contact with the drive, and in extreme situations bodily damage occursdue to back-drafting. DraftguardTM anti-rotation device secures the drive fromspinning backwards during maintenance operations. Draftguard also protects theentire system from extreme shock load which causes unnecessary wear of themotor components and which can lead to belt breakage. Often design engineers don't consider the effect a drive which rotatesthe opposite direction causes. Draftguard protects the drive from damage, orother unsatisfactory events from occurring, when units back draft. The design of the flange plate allowsDraftguard to mount on nearly any bushing or shaft which eliminates the need ofretrofitting drive components. Gates Draftguard can be mounted to preventrotation in either the clockwise or counter clockwise direction. It can easilybe mounted on either vertical or horizontal shafts and typically fits withinthe existing fan cage.

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