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DN Staff

April 10, 2010

1 Min Read's Productivity3000

The Productivity3000 is a modularized Multi-faceted ProgrammableController which solves logic with a high speed processor based on logicalinputs and updates logical outputs for manipulating process and machine controlapplications. With multiple communication interfaces for control, monitoringand database connectivity, the P3-550 CPU offers unmatched built-incommunications capabilities including USB for programming and data collecting,Ethernet for programming, external Modbus TCP device connectivity,and remote I/O connections. Serial RS-232 & RS-485 ports offer Modbus RTU,ASCII and customer protocol capabilities for connecting peripheral devices. Themodular design allows for more precise design customization to fit yourspecific application needs. The high performance CPU includes 50 Mb of usermemory giving you freedom to program without limits and storing alldocumentation on-board. Tagname based programming means increased productivitywith descriptive nomenclature for all tags and one less step in documentation. OurEthernet enabled GS series Drives can be connected to the internal EthernetRemote I/O network and automatically discovered in your project's hardwareconfiguration. You can configure all parameters for the individually connecteddrives and save those configurations to your project. If a field replacement isnecessary, the saved drive configuration is transferred to the new drive uponpower up.

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