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2011 Trend Watch Editorial Guidelines

DN Staff

November 19, 2010

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2011 Trend Watch Editorial Guidelines

Design News is currently accepting article submissions for our series of upcoming Trend Watch Supplements in 2011. We are seeking two types of content submissions: Design Application and Technology Tutorial articles.

- "Design Applications" articles are brief (800-1,200 words), but in-depth technical case studies showcasing the use of a specific product or solution in a customer application.

- "Technology Tutorials" are brief (800-1,200 words), but thorough, non-product-specific technology education/application how-to articles.

We are interested in article submissions that showcase the following technologies:

(Note: If you don't see your technology listed here or are not certain which category it would belong in, please e-mail questions to Editorial Director David Greenfield at [email protected].)

- Discrete Sensors (including proximity, photoelectric, vibration, vision, etc.)
- Process Sensors (including flow, temperature, level, pressure, etc.)
- Electronic Sensors (including accelerometers, encoders, optical, linear position, magnetic, etc.)

This topic cuts across all technology areas covered by Design News. The principal requirement is that the technology being featured is used in specific medical applications. Technologies featured can include:
- Electronics
- Materials
- Automation
- Design Software or Hardware

- Adhesives & Tapes
- Engineering Materials
- Fasteners/Access Hardware
- Materials Processing
- Rapid Prototyping

- Connectors/Cables
- DSPs/Microcontrollers
- Electromechanical Components
- Networking Components
- Power Management

- Drives
- Controllers
- Feedback Devices
- Fluid Power
- Actuators
- Motors

Each article MUST include:
Product category (from list above)
Headline: 4-6 words
Deck: No more than 10 words
Body Text: 800-1200 words
Artwork: A minimum of 1 photo and 1 piece of technical artwork (schematic, line drawing, etc.)
Sidebar Text:
- One-line description of the end application/technology tutorial
- Brand name of your product
-One-line description of its key features/benefits in this application (in the case of a tutorial, this description should correlate the relevance of the technology tutorial to your product)
- URL to your website for additional product information

The body copy should address the following:

For Design Applications
- An explanation of the end product and its basic operating principles
- The role of your core technology in the design and what features/benefits it delivers
- An explanation of what differentiates this design from others on the market
- Artwork should be technical and assist in explaining the technical aspects of the design
- Write-up should be technical, NOT promotional

For Technology Tutorials
- A general, non-product-specific explanation of the technology and its basic operating principles
- Detailed description of how the technology is applicable in systems/product design
- Highlight anything that differentiates this technology from similar ones
- Artwork provided should be technical and assist in explaining the technical aspects of the design
- Write-up should be technical, NOT promotional

Copy Deadlines:
- Sensors: January 3, 2011
- Medical: February 1, 2011
- Materials & Assembly: May 2, 2011
- Electronics: July 1, 2011
- Automation & Control: August 1, 2011

Email text and artwork to:
Editorial Director David Greenfield at [email protected].

Contact Editorial Director David Greenfield at [email protected].)

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