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Distribute electronics, reduce panel space

Designed for decentralizing intelligence and networking via fieldbus systems, the integrated, closed-loop, Telemecanique Bergerlahr Icla drive offers a high degree of integration to reduce control-panel space on machinery. The brushless dc-motor-based drive includes microprocessor, encoder, and different gearbox ratios to achieve between 3.5- and 12-Nm nominal torque output and speeds from 30 to 220 rpm with one device. "All you need is a 24V power supply cable (two wire) and a fieldbus connection cable," says Technical Sales Manager Frank Eble. "It's not meant to be used as a propulsion or feed motor," Eble explains, "but rather as a size- or format-adjustment drive mechanism in printing, wood working, and packaging equipment." Schneider Electric

Adjustable drives save HVAC energy

Chock full of HVAC-specific functions such as smoke purge, PM setback, PI control, and industry-specific communications, the HV9000 line of adjustable frequency drives is available from 1-1,000 hp and in 208, 230, 480, and 575V versions. "The smoke purge function exhausts contaminated air after a fire," explains Product Line Manager Mary Weed. "Automatic PM setback saves energy at night when users require less than 100% flow. The HV9000 drives' PI control closes the loop in pump and fluid control applications using feedback from downstream pressure transducers and flow meters." The drive offers connectivity to Johnson Controls Metasys N2, Siemens Building Technologies APOGEE FLN, LonWorks, and Modbus RTU control systems. Cutler-Hammer

Drives cover greater power range

Now drives that offer networking capability based on IEEE-1394 (FireWire) also traverse the entire power range from 150W to 15 kW, with continuous current output from 2.4 to 60A rms. Adding the 25, 35, and 60A rms/phase ServoWire drive models "covers the entire traditional servo power range," explains David Carr, VP product marketing, "a big benefit since most machines use a mix of different size drives." The larger power range expands the number of applications that can benefit from the eased configuration and setup that networked drives offer. "Instead of changing hardware settings on individual drives with dip switches, potentiometers, and jumper wires," Carr explains, "engineers can configure up to 32 ServoWire Drives per ORION controller in software, then download the parameters to each drive from a central location." Ormec

Big servo performance, small package

Following the trend of packing more power and performance into less space, Alphi i Series ac servomotors and drives offer improved speed-torque curves, higher-resolution feedback, and a more compact design. The motor achieves speeds greater than 6,000 rpm, and 0.5 to 400 Nm torque output from a package that's approximately 23% smaller than its Alpha Series predecessors. Drives are 11% shallower and 20% thinner, yet are more efficient than earlier Alpha drives. "Greater efficiency means less heat generation, so engineers can integrate smaller fans right into the motor or eliminate the need for fans altogether," according to Application Engineer Dick Qickel. "Higher speed means faster accelerations and shorter cycle times. But engineers don't have to sacrifice accuracy because we upped the standard encoder resolution from 64,000 to one million cpr." GE Fanuc

Multi-axis controller minds budgets

Targeting cost-sensitive motion control applications that require high-end position control, ACS Tech80 has incorporated its second-generation servo processor into its new multi-axis Spii PCI-4/8 motion controller. "We designed this product to meet the needs of users who are looking for an economical controller with excellent position control-two features that are normally difficult to achieve simultaneously," says Jonathon Summers, marketing manager. The controller will retail for approximately $695, or about 40% less than some comparable multi-axis controllers, says Summers. It supports up to eight axes of combined servo/stepper and achieves a positioning accuracy of plus or minus 1 encoder count. Targeted at cost-sensitive applications that require high-end control, the controller is currently in Beta test at several companies. ACS Tech80

Drive incorporates motion control, PLC functions

By integrating a motion controller and PLC into its AXIOM(TM) Plus brushless servo drive, engineers at Tol-O-Matic gained functionality at no extra cost. In addition to providing motion control and PLC functions in a single package-which saves on real estate and eases installation-the AXIOM Plus allows information to be transferred between the controller and PLC using internal flags, thus avoiding physical I/O wiring between the two. "With the AXIOM Plus, separate threads are used for the PLC, which functions as the master, and the sequential motion controller-allowing complex moves triggered by inputs, PLC flags or positions, or the setting of flags from the motion," says Keith Hochhalter, director of product development. The drive supports encoder-input following and features 15 inputs and 8 outputs, as well as convenient Ladder Logic programming for the PLC. The drive is compatible with three standard 10, 20, and 30A peak AXIOM vector current control drives. Tol-O-Matic

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