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Print yourself a guitar

My editor sent me a link to this guitar, which was designed using CAD software and printed using the 3D print service  This guitar is called the Zoybar TOR, and can be described as an implementation of an open source guitar.  Zoybar is a framework on which various types of stringed instruments can be built.  The basic parts (nut, fingerboard, pickup, bridge, etc.) are available from Zoybar as CAD files that can be sent to a fabricator or created on your own 3D printer.  CAD files are available for 6 string or bass guitars, and enthusiasts are encouraged to build on these basics by designing their own parts and uploading them to

Bård S D did just that, designing the parts above in white himself, having them 3D printed, and assembling them with with the Zoybar parts to create the guitar in the photo.  He called it Tor after the Norse god of thunder and lightning.  There are many other projects shown on the Zoybar home page, including a contra bass guitar, a sitar, double neck guitar, violin, and others.

Shapeways is a neat service that I hadn’t heard of before.  Send them a CAD file of your part, and they’ll fabricate it in a material of your choice.   They currently offer bronze infused stainless steel, various plastics, and glass.  Design files can be created in any of about 20 different 3D design packages, including Blender, which is open source.  Shapeways is also a retailer, if you like you can sell your 3D creation on their web page.  They have categories for art, jewelry, games, hobby, etc.  Many of the designs can be somewhat customized at the time of order (i.e. the size of a ring) by filling in a template.

Take a look at a short video of the Zoybar TOR in action.

Makes me wish I knew how to play guitar.

Steve Ravet

Design News Gadgeteer

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