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Gadget Freak Case 140: Security Robot Roams, Shrieks at Intruders

Gadget Freak Case 140: Security Robot Roams, Shrieks at Intruders

Here's a robot that will roam your home or office seeking intruders. The Searching Security Robot was designed by Ian Smith and his fellow students in a mechatronics' course at Colorado State University. It sits on motor-powered wheels and its eyes consist of an ultrasonic range finder to keep it from bumping into walls. Once it's set up, the robot will roam a building seeking moving objects. It has four infrared sensors that detect motion in 360 degrees. When a moving object is detected, the robot sounds its alarm.

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Gadget Freak Case 140 Security Robot Roams, Shrieks at Intruders

Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 24 x 2 LCD Display 670-1141
1 Geared Stepper Motor 316-0060
4 Relays 788-1033
1 Keypad 948-7874
4 Power Transistors 503-0330
5 PIC16F88 Microcontroller 383-0496
7 0.1 muF Capacitors 507-0820
15 1,000O Resistors 296-4741
5 330O Resistors 296-4764
4 Breadboards 237-0015
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